meet the cast



Stephanie Figueira is originally from Toronto, Canada, and works as an actor, emcee, presenter and voice artist. She is a founding member of BIG and has been performing improv with them for the last 7 years.  She is the producer and host of ¨Frank¨ and ¨Vent,¨ a monthly affair of true stories told live by everyday people and has hosted large events for Revlon, HP and the Mobile World Congress. Starting her career in theatre and stand-up comedy, Stephanie was the first female comic to win the Funniest Ficer championship in Spain. She has spent several years focusing on film and television and spends much time in acting workshops. One of her many passions is helping to change the portrayal of women in the entertainment industry.

Jeremie Day-Glider grew up on the road in the Southern and Midwestern United States. She studied people, drawing, light and dark, visual art and technical theatre and earned a degree in Visual Art: Printmaking. She worked in film and television in Hollywood and taught art and theatre to high school students. Since moving to Barcelona in 2010 and joining BIG, she has studied with Improv Olympic, UCB, and many amazing teachers (including several Maydays, Patti Stiles, and Keith Johnstone). She has briefly studied clown (Gaulier and Basauri) and acting (The Actors Space, Luci Lenox, and Hendrik Martz) and has performed at festivals around Europe. She also directs and co-produces theatre and designs and constructs sets and props.

Jeremie Day-Glider

John Lane

John Lane was raised in Birmingham, England, but has spent almost the entirety of his adult life in Barcelona. A natural show-off, John has always enjoyed the attention of an audience. Growing up, that mainly consisted of entertaining his sisters and dipping into the odd school play. His creative endeavours have included stand-up comedy, recording comedy sketches, and writing, producing, directing and appearing in short films and theatrical productions, notably short plays with Jocular Theatre, the English Theatre Group and Microteatro.
John discovered the magic of improv with BIG in 2012. Since then, he has enjoyed the space and opportunity offered by improv to develop and hone his acting chops, and to truly embrace the playfulness of life.

Ella Galt was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. She earned a B.A. in Theatre Studies at Monash Uni and since a young age has appeared in numerous plays, short films and musicals. Her credits include performances at The Melbourne Fringe Festival in Australia and with Jocular Theatre in Barcelona. She toured Italy with children´s theatre company Pidgeon English, and completed a formation course in Dance at CMD´H in Barcelona. Ella has over 13 years of singing, theatre and improv experience, and creates committed and vibrant theatrical improv.  Since joining BIG in 2012 she has trained with some of the most renowned improv teachers and coaches in the world and has studied, performed and taught in festivals around Europe.

Ella Galt

Noah Levin

Noah Levin hails from Ketchum, Idaho, USA and grew up performing theatre in schools and summer camps until earning a degree in Theatre and Education from the University of California in San Diego. Noah taught and performed improv, theatre and stand up comedy, and received formal improv training, at the PIT and UCB theatres in New York. Living in Barcelona since 2011, Noah has rapidly expanded his interests performing and teaching with BIG as well as the European improv collective Ohana. He also acts in plays, produces live comedy shows, hosts a weekly radio show (Nick and Noah Need Help), and travels around Europe teaching and performing improv.