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Whether you’re looking to perform on stage, improve your public speaking, work in agreement with others, or open yourself to life’s myriad possibilities, Barcelona Improv Group offers a variety of classes in different areas of Improvisation for newcomers and enthusiastic improvisers. If your focus is to improve, learn, or to really develop a skill, then a class in Improv is for you.

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BIG SI offers a variety of courses of different levels and types of improvisation. Starting in the Fall of 2017, we are changing the structure of our curriculum. Rather than a linear path (Level 1, Level 2, etc), students will now have the flexibility to choose their own path in improv instruction, and take courses in the order they choose. For more information about offerings and requirements, please look at the new curriculum plan.

Current Courses Fall 2017

(Click the links below for more information on each course.)

Foundations of Improvisation
taught by Jeremie Day Glider

A fun introduction to improvisation, teaching the skills to create scenes collaboratively and spontaneously, as well as some of the BIG performance games.

Scene: Tell The Story
taught by Noah Levin

Practice the skills to help you move a scene forward and make the big choices to create action with a mix of short form and longform improv.

Character: Be Somebody!
taught by Jeremie Day Glider

Learn tools to quickly choose and embody a variety of complex characters and maintain them throughout short form and longform scenes.

Improv Acting
taught by Ella Galt

Learn to speak authentically, leap boldly into the unknown, and listen and react honestly to what our partners reveal.

taught by Noah Levin

Battle for Improv Glory and push your short form to a new level.

Past students have said:

“BIG classes never let me down! Class days are my favorite days of the week!”

“Great lessons, great people, great fun! 10/10 would recommend.”

“funsies and warm in the right places”

“Very supportive, informative and positive. Lots of personal feedback, game practice and team spirit. The show is exhilarating. Recommended especially if you have never performed before! It’s a great experience. But also if you have, Improvisation is something else!”

“Holy friggin’ unicorns!”


If you have further questions, go to contact us and choose the “Classes” department to get in touch.

Waiting List

Didn’t register in time?  Don’t fret, you are automatically on our waiting list and you will be notified of any open spots. If enough people join the waiting list, more classes may be offered.


Unfortunately, we are not yet offering classes to teenagers or children. Currently the minimum age for our courses is 16 (please see Class Policies.) Please email us at if you are/have a teenager interested in improvisation classes in English – we are preparing a course now, so we could provide you with more information about it.


Participation in Barcelona Improv Group (“BIG”) classes and workshops is completely voluntary. Although injury is highly unlikely, your participation is at your own risk. BIG is not responsible for any injuries sustained during activities. It is the participant’s responsibility to inform the instructor of any medical conditions and to withdraw from or refrain from participating in any activities that he or she feels will present a physical risk to the participant or others. Participants in workshops and classes agree to respect the physical boundaries of fellow classmates and to avoid engaging in aggressive activities or maneuvers that could expose yourself or other participants to physical injury.
Photographs and video taken may be used for promotional purposes including and not limited to websites and social media pages of Barcelona Improv Group and The BIG IF. Please contact us if you would like any media taken down.

Additional Class Policies


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