Improv is the art of making stuff up

We take suggestions from our audience and turn them into plays, games and entire worlds filled with never-before seen and never-to-be-seen-again stories and characters.


Short Form games

Popularised by the TV show Whose Line is it Anyway? Short Form improvisation comprises a series of games, each with different rules and challenges to keep actors on their feet. Some are physical, some musical, some mentally strenuous and some seemingly impossible. All are very funny, and we revel in both the spectacular wins and hilarious mistakes. An emcee guides the players through a set list of fast paced and increasingly challenging games, putting them through their paces with suggestions supplied by the audience, and curve balls thrown by their fellow actors. The result is pure comedy.

It’s thrilling, it’s authentic energy, I mean it. Improvisation is about connecting and transforming, it’s about empathy and nonsense, authentic energy.
— Slait T, audience member from Evry France


Our Longform show is just that- one long theatre piece with scenes and characters that run into one another. Inspiration is derived from an audience suggestion or story, a speech by an expert, onstage conversations by the cast and just about anything else. From this first seed, whole worlds burst forth, with more characters, locations, and bizarre plot twists than you could have imagined. The actors work together, transitioning in and out of scenes and playing multiple people (and objects) in one single show, creating an entire piece of theatre that will never be seen again.

It was excellent energy. So creative. Passionate. Hilarious. Brave. Quick. Emotional. Interesting choices. Surprising. A comedy that comes from truth!
— Angie A, audience member

Our Mission

Barcelona Improv Group aims to create theatrical improv in its highest form. Our practice is based on the joy of discovery and strives to achieve both emotional depth and an unbridled sense of play. We love what we do, and want to share this special art form with our audience in its many manifestations with shows to make you think, make you feel, and make you laugh. A lot.