The Modestos

The Modestos (Spain) is an international Barcelona-based improvised theater company, with members from France, Italy and Spain. They all studied theater with Lecoq's method and grew as an improvisation company together.
They've been investigating improvised theater with internationally acclaimed teachers and have developed our work on stage. They love using physical theater to create images, depict emotions and build stories. All of our shows mirror a stage of our research.
In each of them, we invite the audience into an improvised universe of stories that mix comedy, emotions and poetry in an organic and light manner.

"Líneas Paralelas"(Parallel lines) is an improvised long form based on the power of making decisions and on the endless possibilities one has in his/her life. This theatrical piece meddles with the importance of what we do when we have to choose our destiny (or when it chooses us). A character is faced with a decision, and we see what happens in two different timelines, whether he/she chooses A or B. This transcendent show is played with the inherent comedy of improv. With live music.