The Committee

The Committee (United Kingdom) are a London-based long-form improv group who specialise in character driven shows. They gig regularly all over the country and sold-out their entire run at the 2018 Edinburgh Festival. Each a performer in their own right, they have been seen and heard on TV and radio shows for BBC, ITV, Netflix & Channel 4.

We take suggestions from the audience based around items that were left behind after a break up, or other kind of relationship, came to an end. These objects that are the remnants of failed dalliances become the basis for our show. We have a particularly theatrical approach to our style, we never use traditional sweep edits but rather organic edits - for instance if a scene was taking place between a flirtatious couple, a team member might come on stage to edit by saying "the pink rosiness of this woman's cheeks becomes the pink of a sunset over a beach"... We are always inventive with our approach and it's become our signature style in London. As such we as performers have very little set rules to fall back on and are forcing ourselves in to a zone where more mistakes may happen, but we do so gleefully