Sacha Hoedemaker



Sacha Hoedemaker has been playing piano professionally for over 10 years accompanying singers, live bands, musicals, studio engineers and theater productions. In 2010, Sacha was introduced to improvisational theater and was hooked right away. His professional experience combined with an eye and timing for theater made him a highly sought after Musical Director and improvisers across Europe. Sacha loves teaching, playing live, producing and working with people on creative and/or musical projects!


Musical Improv For Beginners

Duration: 3 hours
Times: Wednesday Morning
Level: General
Participants: 12
Price: 45€

Musical Improv is scary, for everyone. Sacha can help you get over that fear! Step out there and sing an improvised song. Get the confidence to start singing your song and don't be afraid to F*CK it up. This workshops provides handy tools to warm yourself up and get familiar with structuring your song. Find your inner voice and let it out!


The Musical Mess

Duration: 5 hours
Times: Saturday All Day
Level: Intermediate
Participants: 12
Price: 70€

The Musical Mess, an all new format! In 5 hours Sacha will teach you a basic musical format. Sacha provides a personal approach to give feedback and help you create formats and execute them with your team. Bring your own ideas too and we'll be combine our forces together with a long form narrative to create a 30 minute musical mess!

*This workshop culminates in a mixer team performance on Saturday night


Rhyme and Rhythm

Duration: 3 hours
Times: Thursday or Friday Morning
Level: Advanced
Participants: 12
Price: 45€

So you think you can sing? I think so too, but now it's time for the next step. Use your voice to create lyrics that are interesting and funny. Besides lyrics, we will be spending time on what melody can do for you to help you sing your story. A musical exploration of musical improvisation, expanding your Rhyme and Rhythm in your lyrics.