Sacha Hoedemaker



Sacha Hoedemaker has been playing piano professionally for over 10 years accompanying singers, live bands, musicals, studio engineers and theater productions. In 2010, Sacha was introduced to improvisational theater and was hooked right away. His professional experience combined with an eye and timing for theater made him a highly sought after Musical Director and improvisers across Europe. Sacha loves teaching, playing live, producing and working with people on creative and/or musical projects!


Sing Your Song

Duration: 3 hours
Times: Wednesday Morning OR Friday Morning
Level: General
Participants: 16
Price: 43€

This workshop is focused on you getting the confidence and skills you need to sing improvised songs during any improv performance. In this workshop, you will learn exercises to warm up and fine tune your singing voice, simple song formats, and how to release the fears so you can sing your song!


Short Form Musical

Duration: 5 hours
Times: Saturday All Day
Level: Advanced
Participants: 12
Price: 65€

An in depth workshop about getting stories across to create emotional and dynamic play. We'll study the difference between styles and work on structures and "harder" musical games as well.

*This workshop culminates in a mixer team performance on Saturday night