Rainbow Warriors

Rainbow Warriors (The Netherlands, Belgium) debuted as a team about three years back and thanks to their stage connection, they became Dutch National Theatersports Champions pretty much the first time they were on stage together. Is there a gay gene after all? Is it Sense8? Who knows! Their company members boast years of experience in Impro Australia, Finland International Improv Festival and Lyon Improvfest.

¨Positivity, chemistry and just really funny…¨
¨Entertainment that contributes in a light way to acceptance and emancipation¨

Rainbow Warriors

It is in people's nature to think in stereotypes. As an LGBTQ+ improv collective Rainbow Warriors stand for: label us all you want, just don’t stop with one label. On the other hand... how great is it to play with labels, stereotypes and prejudices?

So hop on a unicorn and join these promiscuous, well dressed, musical theatre loving gay guys for a rollercoaster of a comedy show where personal stories and disarming questions lead into wild adventures with a bit of glitter, a ton of self-mockery and probably somewhere down the line some Eurovision!