Puppetprov (Spain) is a collective of mad improvisers who have always seen the personality in the “lifeless” things in the universe. We are the ones you see having an animated “conversation” with the chair, the vase, or the curtain. TV shows like Fragglerock, Sesame Street, and the Muppet Show have influenced us from an early age and now we take to the stage with our own puppets doing improvisation! With themes ranging from innocent to adult, it’s a show that allows adults to experience improv through a lens of child-like wonder.

Puppetprov is an improv show performed by handheld puppets. Puppets perceive and interact with the world in a very simple, uncomplicated way, much as a child would. Though they move slowly and often have trouble making their way in the physical world, they can also be unbound by the normal physical laws that ground humans, such as gravity. With this altered perception and physicality, they are constantly making wonderful “mistakes” and creative adventures are inevitable!