These workshops can be taken by improvisers with 6+ years experience who perform professionally and teach or coach other improvisers


Using You / Anděl Sudik

Whether or not we mean to, we are always bringing all of ourselves into the rooms we play in. This workshop focuses on three aspects of yourself-Your Personal Genius, Your Perceived Flaws and Your Improv Kryptonite. In an environment of support we will explore how you can be more intentional about bringing yourself into the room and using your unique gifts. That thing you hate about yourself? It's your greatest gift. Your Hidden Knowledge? Adds specificity, joy and POV to your improvisation without even having to try. We face your fears straight on, fail hard and succeed even harder. It’s a fun supportive environment to test and push your limits.

Duration: 10 hours    Times: Wednesday & Thursday All Day    Participants: 12    Price: 130€