Phil Lunn

Phil Lunn (United Kingdom) has been improvising for several years both on stage and as a musician. He’s worked with several leading UK groups including Music Box, Hoopla, and The Maydays and has performed across Europe and the USA. Phil performs solo in his improvised cabaret “Phil Lunn Is…” as various characters. He also teaches.

“A powerhouse of musical improv” — Open Your Mouth And Sing

Phil Lunn is... Mother nature

This bespoke version of the show Phil Lunn Is… is a solo musical show, specially created for BIG IF 5. In Phil Lunn Is... Mother Nature, Phil plays Mother Nature and takes us on an emotional journey through her beautiful world. She will explain anything the audience needs explaining, often by providing the context of her own life. And of course, as you’d expect from the creator of birdsong, much of this is done through the medium of music - courtesy of her piano and trusty ukulele. She’ll also give advice, invited or otherwise, about how we can properly live our lives in the way that she intends. Her aim is that the audience leave entertained, informed, and full of love for the world.