Noha Mousbah is a member of the main theater ensemble at Stockholms Improvisationsteater; Sweden’s oldest and largest improv theater; A founding member of Paraphrase Improv Ensemble; A scripted theatre, TV and voice-over actor and a storyteller, often telling interactive stories in several languages. She is an improv teacher at Stockholm’s Improvsationsteater, International Theater Stockholm as well as internationally; has improvised drama studies at Stockholms Improvisationsteater; was trained by improvisers such as Per Gottfredsson (SWE), Randy Dixon (USA), Marta Borges (POR), Josh Lenn (USA), Jill R Farris (USA), Rama Nicholas (AUS) and more. She regularly performs in English, Swedish and Arabic and has acting experience in Europe, Asia and Africa.


How much of the emotions we show on stage are truly deeply our own, unfolding organically? Can we allow ourselves to reach into our life experiences, and the mistakes we’ve made through the years and let parts be shared with our fellow players and the audience through our authentic reactions? In this workshop, we explore how reactions can be born and developed when we dare to use the feelings we authentically carry within us rather than forcing reactions that the intellect dictates.

The Naked Improviser

Duration: 5 hours
Times: Wednesday All Day
Level: General
Participants: 12
Price: 70€


My Place on Carrer de Santa Magdalena

Duration: 5 hours
Times: Friday All Day
Level: Intermediate
Participants: 12
Price: 70€

Inspired by the format “Behind the Facade” at Stockholms Improvisationsteater. We walk past homes every day. From tall skyscrapers to humble two-storey buildings. We look through the windows and imagine which lives hide behind the facade. One person’s floor is the roof of the other and only a few meters apart, different voices unfold giving an urban building its soul and writing its history. In “My place on Carrer de Santa Magdalena” we take a peek into the different apartments in an urban building. We experience everything from mundane everyday conversations to life- changing moments. What stories are being told, biographies being written? Who are we inside our own home? What language do we speak and what rules do we break? What mistakes will never leave the building and which secrets will forever be carved into the walls of our home? Welcome to an improvised show about the homes, neighbors, visitors and everything else you find behind the facade! Visual, poetic, abstract, strange but real… Just like life itself…

* This workshop culminates in a mixer team performance


Why So Obvious?

 5 hours
Times: Thursday All Day
Level: Advanced
Participants: 12
Price: 70€

Let’s let our bodies and our subconscious surprise us. Let’s listen to what our body movements want to tell us and the links that our subconscious makes and can express, if we let it. During this workshop, we will playfully work on letting our bodies and words speak freely, going beyond concrete scenes and into the abstract. By allowing our bodies to lead us through meanings only it can feel, we can reach places which concrete moments on their own could not take us to. Just like a musical melody, abstraction allows each one of us to make their own interpretations, creating a room filled with personal reactions, by people all experiencing the same collective moment. The melody of the abstract can leave us laughing, feeling touched or keep our mind wondering over the meaning, similar to when we see a dance or a painting. Let us play and together delve into the abstract.