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Noah Levin

Noah Levin hails from a little corner of the Rocky Mountains of North America. He started drama classes at summer camp in the woods of Northern California and hasn’t looked back since, attaining a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Education from the University of California at San Diego, teaching drama (at secondary schools and summer camps), and studying Improvisation at the People’s Improv Theatre and Upright Citizen’s Brigade in New York. Noah worked as a professional standup comedian and improviser in New York, coaching the Red Tie Mafia, before moving to Barcelona. As co-Director of Barcelona Improv Group and The Barcelona Improv Group International Festival (The BIG IF), Noah currently teaches several levels of improv classes and leads workshops in theatre, creativity, teamwork, and employee training for adults and students. He has taught theatre professionally since 2001, sharing the love of play and creation to thousands of children and adults.

In addition to Barcelona Improv Group, Noah has been a member of Ohana - European Improv Project since 2015 and has served on their board of directors since 2018. Noah also directs The Present Moment, bringing the theory and practice of improvisation to conferences, businesses, and individuals.

Noah has taught improv in Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and the United States. He hopes to add many more places and many more memories.

Festival Credits:

Teacher: BIG IF (Barcelona), OIF (Strasbourg), SWIMP (Uppsala), SIF (Sofia), WIP (Piombino), Neverending IF (Bucharest), RIIF (St. Petersburg), Barcelona Improvisa (Barcelona)
Performer: BIG IF (Barcelona), FiiF (Tampere), CIF (Copenhagen), Mt. Olymprov (Athens), Improtheaterfestival Würzburg (Würzburg), OIF (Strasbourg), SWIMP (Uppsala), SIF (Sofia), Neverending IF (Bucharest), Barcelona Improvisa (Barcelona)

Improv Training for Actors



Symphony Freeform

A great improv show is a symphony. It will have themes and movements and be assessed as a whole. With a structured form, you can have a small guarantee of what the audience will see, but with Freeform, you can discover your structure as you create it in collaboration with your team. In this intensive workshop, we will practice tools to make your Longform more fluid and dynamic. We will delve into themes that add theatricality and raise our improv to art, and hone our awareness of our creation. Everything your team has experienced can be channeled into strong, free, artistic improv. 10-16 hours, available for teams or groups of individuals.

Get InspiRed

Day 1 will focus on drawing inspiration from a variety of sources- verbal, physical, emotional, thematic, and others. We will use these inspirations to create interconnected scenes in a longform, following the will of the group mind and learning how to express those inspirations with free form transitions. After developing those skills the first day, we will learn and practice two forms that incorporate inspiration and interconnection between source and scene, The Living Room and The Armando. 10-16 hours. (General-Intermediate)


Noah Jeremie Hugging Holding on for dear life scared.jpg


How do you save a bad scene? You don’t. Ever. In this workshop, we will practice techniques to confidently make a connected, meaningful scene, even if it gets off to a rocky start. This workshop has three objectives – develop awareness of the platform you are building, portray confidence acting alone, and dig in mid-scene to realize its full potential. (Intermediate)

Character Creation Toolkit

In this fun 3 hour workshop, participants will practice creating full and dynamic characters, imbue them with history, and play them for the duration of a scene. This workshop is physical and mental, challenging the actor to inhabit the character in a variety of ways. Actors will practice several methods of finding character quickly and believably. (General)



Create your creation. The product of this workshop is a brand new improv form. With your team or any group of improvisers willing to step into the laboratory, we will discover the elements you love about improv, explore our goals for the actors, curate our audience experience, and design a show ready to perform that night! (Advanced)

Stick to the Story

All good things must come to an end, but they should have a beginning and middle too. This workshop will reinforce the hallmarks of good group storytelling and narrative plot structure, allowing you to create longer, coherent stories. You will learn some short form games and be introduced to the La Ronde Longform. With longer workshops, the La Ronde can be performed at the end. (General-Intermediate)


Pay Attention

Use callbacks, reincorporation, and patterns to be brilliant. When an audience member “gets it,” it is a cathartic moment, a surprise, a relief, a laugh. Recognition of a pattern is hard-wired into our human brains and we can use it on stage. Learn techniques to make patterns and use callbacks, tickle those hard to reach right frontal lobes, and delight your audiences. (General)


Say What?

Description: How does the audience know it’s improvised? The suggestion. It’s also the way that the audience member interacts with the players to become part of the show. This workshop will teach skills in incorporation of audience suggestions in creative ways, from initiation through to the end of the scene. As well, you will learn how to deflect “bad” suggestions. Great for people looking to improve MC skills.

Amplified music and chalkboard/flipchart ideal but not required


What's Happening Now? (Freeform)

You’ve learned the fundamentals of scenework and practiced a few longforms. Now, free yourself from the trappings of structure and let your team react to every shared impulse. Learn tricks to make your Longform more fluid and dynamic and recognize themes that appear naturally. All this can give added theatrical meaning to your improv. Everything you know and have experienced can be channeled into strong, free, artistic improv. (Intermediate)


Pretty Flower

This amazing longform combines a sincere, beated narrative story with free floating inspiration. The Pretty Flower form consists of a main story (the bud) that inspires tangential scenes (the petals) which add characters to the next beats of the main story. Inspiration folds in on itself to create a beautiful and textured play. In this workshop, participants will learn the format and exercises to take back to their teams to practice and perform. (Intermediate)



Noah’s workshops are a pleasurable, highly professional experience! I took 3 of his workshops, focusing on character work, call-backs and free-form, and they were all spot on! Even during a long teaching day Noah was always focused and calm, and his instruction was illuminating. As a coach myself, I admired the careful preparation of his workshop structures, he makes sure you know exactly where you are and where it all leads to. Thanks Noah, can’t wait to take the next one!
— Adi S
Noah is didactically one of the greatest teachers I have ever seen in action. He explains everything in a remarkable way, makes you understand whether a game is about listening, agreeing or something else and also gives you valuable feedback. He really considers everybody’s comfort zone and has an exceptionally thoughtful way of introducing everybody to interact, play and improvise
— Marma M
I learned so many things with you, Noah. The concept of Pretty Flower is interesting. you have to look at each other, don’t lose eye contact, looking what the persons are proposing, listening to them, and also playing with them while taking some of those proposals. I’ve learned to know who i am when I play a character and what’s my goal. I have some trouble to assume my ideas and be confident of my choices and your workshop helped me on that. I think you maybe guessed that with me, so you told me the good words to move on and being more confident, thank you for that
— Fabien D
Even impressive and scary somehow for being my first try, I felt at ease from the very beginning thanks to the kind leading of Noah and relaxed, spontaneous and fun mood of all the participants. Can’t wait to repeat it again next Sunday !
— Sophie L
Great teacher, great class, great team!
— Jan W

Event Facilitation and Corporate Training

Organize fun events for your conference or festival with improv. Ice breakers, Improv Jams, Team Building and more. Noah has worked as a trainer for dozens of European businesses and conferences including Vistaprint, King, Xing, and Stuart Delivery. See what BIG can offer your organization.

From the perspective of the Gesher staff, Noah was a huge added value to the overall program. We appreciated that participants came and asked for more of his sessions, and believe his program helped us achieve the ‘festival’ feeling within the weekend. We also appreciate and don’t take for granted that as an American, Noah was able communicate somewhat difficult or risky instructions to a European audience in a way that was culturally sensitive and very well-received.

21% of respondents said that the improvisation theater (either or both sessions) was either their favorite part of Gesher overall or the best session/program. Many vocalized how much they loved the improv sessions during the event itself as well.
— JDC Gesher Festival

Public Speaking Coaching

Improve your public speaking and presentation skills through exercises in confidence and body control. Available for individuals and small groups.

Noah is an excellent coach who will develop a coaching program tailored to your specific needs. His advice, recommendation and feedback help me not only to feel more confident with my public speaking and but also increased my general self awareness which help me not only at a personal level but also professionally. Thank you Noah, you have been an amazing coach!
— Merce M