These workshops culminate in a mixer team performance. One mixer team show per registered improviser.


15 in 30 - Menelaos Prokos

The idea is that we perform 15 scenes in 30 minutes STRICT! 15 numbered A4 papers, all different colors, are hung up on a clothes line at the back of the stage. Each paper has a suggestion written at the back and all suggestions are taken before the show starts by a member who does not play. Once the show starts, the improvisers go against the clock to manage to do these 15 scenes in 30 minutes. Each scene ends with a key word that the entire cast shouts out at the same time. It's like a vocal swipe. The rehearsal for this show will focus on getting the ensemble together, taking them through the format and showing them what it's like to have fun with the scenes, while keeping the clock in mind, but without caring whether at the end of the 30 minutes we will have managed to do all the scenes or not. It's a high-energy, fun show, which great variation from scene to scene.

Duration: 2 hours    Times: Wednesday Afternoon    Level: Intermediate     
Participants: 11    Price: 35€     Performance: Wednesday Night


Be With Me - Jeremie Day-Glider

How often are we talking at one another rather than having an experience together on stage, shying away from moments of true connection in fear that the moment may stray into uncomfortable territory? Intimacy can be found in the touch of a hand, the familiarity of two shoulders touching, or the rhythm of a slow exhale. These subtle signals of connection relax the improviser, ground our scenes in truth and invite the audience in to witness our most human moments. This workshop explores what creates intimacy and relationship onstage and off, helps solidify our personal boundaries, and provides tools to create connection and intimacy onstage.

Format: Montage of scenes, each initiated with two players in an intimate pose.

Duration: 5 hours    Times: Wednesday All Day    Level: Advanced
Participants: 12    Price: 70€    Performance: Wednesday Night


Improv Voicestra - Martina Pavone

Improv Voicestra is an a capella longform where improvisers not only perform scenes, but also create an orchestra of voices, enriching the storytelling techniques without the use of any musical instruments. Players will learn how to find their real voice, its colours, how to use it and the magic of using it to vocally improvise stories in many different ways in your scenes. This show explores all the possibilities of acting, voice, and movement, for the perfect marriage between vocal improvisation and improvisational theater, because the power of the music is not just in being a soundtrack to improvisation, but its potential to make it the main focus and touch people’s souls.

Duration: 10 hours    Times: Wednesday & Thursday all day  Level: Intermediate    
Participants: 12    Price: 130€   Performance: Thursday Night


This Is Us - Maggie Smith

Actors play themselves throughout a larger long form piece to inform their scenes.  Why: I LOVE when improvisers have to play themselves on stage for for two reasons: 1) They can show that they are funny just as themselves with their own unique point of view. 2) It is hilarious to see what kind of bonkers scene work can come from something grounded and relatable.

Duration: 2 hours    Times: Thursday Afternoon    Level: Intermediate   
Participants: 11   Price: 35€    Performance: Thursday Night


My Place on Carrer de Santa Magdalena - Noha Mousbah

Inspired by the format “Behind the Facade” at Stockholms Improvisationsteater. We walk past homes every day. From tall skyscrapers to humble two-storey buildings. We look through the windows and imagine which lives hide behind the facade. One person’s floor is the roof of the other and only a few meters apart, different voices unfold giving an urban building its soul and writing its history. In “My place on Carrer de Santa Magdalena” we take a peek into the different apartments in an urban building. We experience everything from mundane everyday conversations to life- changing moments. What stories are being told, biographies being written? Who are we inside our own home? What language do we speak and what rules do we break? What mistakes will never leave the building and which secrets will forever be carved into the walls of our home? Welcome to an improvised show about the homes, neighbors, visitors and everything else you find behind the facade! Visual, poetic, abstract, strange but real… Just like life itself…

Duration: 5 hours    Times: Friday All Day    Level: Intermediate  
Participants: 12    Price: 70€    Performance: Friday Night


But Thinking Makes It So - Anděl Sudik

With the idea that nothing's either good or bad but thinking makes it so, each improviser will be assigned "Good" or "Bad" by the audience. The "Good" improvisers will do their best to do "Good" improv the "Bad" will do their best to break the show.

Duration: 2 hours    Time: Friday Afternoon    Level: Intermediate
Participants: 11    Price: 35€    Performance: Friday Night


The Café - Stephen Thornton

Twelve characters spend their time and money in a small town café where they tell their tales. Everyone knows everyone and everyone’s business is everyone else’s. / The main focus of the workshop will be about playing coherently together to create a group scene that has flow and rich, colorful characters. The workshop will also address and work on Character Monologues, Space Work, Give & Take and Character Development. The overall goal being to improvise a short one-act play.

Duration: 5 hours    Times: Saturday All Day   Level: Intermediate    
Participants: 12    Price: 70€    Performance: Saturday Night


Musical Mess - Sacha Hoedemaker

The Musical Mess, an all new format! In 5 hours Sacha will teach you a basic musical format. Sacha provides a personal approach to give feedback and help you create formats and execute them with your team. Bring your own ideas too and we'll be combine our forces together with a long form narrative to create a 30 minute musical mess! 

Duration: 5 hours    Times: Saturday all day   Level: Intermediate   
Participants: 12    Price: 70€    Performance: Saturday Night