Martina Pavone is a professional instructor, performer and applied Improv coach. She is specialized in vocal improvisation and tours around Europe with her #improvvocal workshop (festivals, format-building & specific masterclasses). She is part of the SABIR Mediterranean group, that works on socio-political Improv. She is also part of the Pandora Festival Artistic Board and she is the Coordinator of Improwow Project – Women & Inclusion in Improvisation. She collaborates with Assetto Teatro, AZOT Improv, Harlekin Theatre and others. She is the East-Europe co-representative for the International Theatresports Institute. Martina has made her life all about Improv, using applied improvisation with corporations, NGOs, and schools for the past 10 years. Currently, with her program “Let’s Improv to Improve – Improvisation in Life, Improvisation in Business” she works for LUISS BUSINESS SCHOOL on topics like Communication, Leadership and Group Behaviour. She also has a special program for Women’s Empowerment: WonderFULL Women and one for teenagers: WonderFULL Teens.


Impro WoW

Duration: 5 hours
Times: Friday All Day
Level: General
Participants: 16
Price: 70€

Did you ever find yourself in an uncomfortable situation on the stage? Do you avoid certain topics because you don't know how to deal with them? How do you cope with diplomatic mistakes? Following the aim of ImproWoW's project to promote and empower Improv communities about Diversity & Inclusion, this workshop will focus on practical tools and exercises that focus on making our stories and our characters diverse and inclusive and how to cope on the stage with uncomfortable situations or delicate topics. We will work on stereotypes and cliche, on physical and dramaturgical boundaries and on the "limits" of humor.


Improv Voicestra

Duration: 10 hours
Times: Wednesday & Thursday All Day
Level: Intermediate
Participants: 12
Price: 130€

Improv Voicestra is an a capella longform where improvisers not only perform scenes, but also create an orchestra of voices, enriching the storytelling techniques without the use of any musical instruments. Players will learn how to find their real voice, its colours, how to use it and the magic of using it to vocally improvise stories in many different ways in your scenes. This show explores all the possibilities of acting, voice, and movement, for the perfect marriage between vocal improvisation and improvisational theater, because the power of the music is not just in being a soundtrack to improvisation, but its potential to make it the main focus and touch people’s souls.

*This workshop culminates in a mixer team performance