Maggie is a Chicago-based performer and writer. she hosts her own show at The Second City ( where she has performed and taught for 4 years. Her improv credits include: Second City Theatricals, Norwegian Cruise Lines, ComedySportz, Baby Wants Candy: The Improvised Musical, and iO. Her writing has been published for The Onion, Readers Digest, Reductress, and McSweeney's Internet Tendency. She teaches acting, improv, and writing at The Second City, short form improv at ComedySportz, and corporate workshops for various large companies.


Fun Fun Fun!

Duration: 3 hours
Times: Wednesday or Saturday Morning
Level: General
Participants: 13
Price: 45€

Improv is supposed to be FUN. So often as improvisers, it’s easy to get trapped in our heads. But at the end of the day, improv is just playing pretend and being silly. Through dumb, fun, silly games, this workshop will radiate pure joy and support to its members. We will be focusing on getting out of our heads and following the fun, because as Amy Poehler said, “You can’t look stupid if you’re having fun.” Sample exercises: Character games, physical games, group games, game creation.


How To Do Bad Improv

Duration: 3 hours
Times: Friday Morning
Level: General
Participants: 13
Price: 45€

This workshop will dive into the idea of what makes "bad" improv bad. Spoiler alert: It's usually a lack of support. We will do exercises and games that lend themselves easily to the idea of "making a mistake" but instead of letting the mistake ruin a scene, we will lean into it and support the hell out of it so that the mistake is no longer a mistake, it's now what was ALWAYS meant to happen. Sample exercises: Justification games, “no but” scenes, purposely trying to do a bad scene, doing a scene with one person not looking.


This Is Us

Duration: 2 hours
Times: Thursday Afternoon
Level: Intermediate
Participants: 11
Price: 35€

Actors play themselves throughout a larger long form piece to inform their scenes. Why: I LOVE when improvisers have to play themselves on stage for for two reasons: 1) They can show that they are funny just as themselves with their own unique point of view. 2) It is hilarious to see what kind of bonkers scene work can come from something grounded and relatable.

* This workshop culminates in a mixer team performance on Wednesday night