la carpe haute

La Carpe Haute (France) is a professionnal improv troupe. Full of energy, it is born from a strong bond between twelve friendly and humbly talented improvisers and musicians. Their aim is to create shows using their solid experience in improv and all the artistic aspects they have practiced, such as classic theater, clown, music, dance, acting, directoring. They taught and performed for many years now in many countries like USA, Poland, Germany, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Switzerland,...
Their unique style is driven by playfulness, body language and sillyness.

Just Play

Just Play is a free-form show, where improvisers base their inspirations on objects borrowed from the audience. From there, everything is a pretext to play : music, lights, furniture, bodies. Just play, like children with infinite imagination. Just Play is the top international show of La Carpe Haute, already played and planned in many theaters around France and Europe.