Jeremie has been teaching and working in theatre for over 20 years and, since joining BIG in April 2013, has taught, performed, directed, and created new forms in Barcelona and at international festivals. Improv, at its base is a philosophy of clear, honest communication and if we are self-absorbed in fear, it is very hard to communicate. Teaching improv since 2015, Jeremie´s goal for her students is to help them acknowledge and accept their own fear as they develop their skills, allowing them to play freely and shine as the brilliant humans they are. In her own play, direction and teaching Jeremie works to create joyful, trusting, uninhibited play that is a delight to play and watch.



Face The Fear

Duration: 5 hours
Times: Thursday All Day
Level: General
Participants: 12
Price: 70€

Do you find yourself overly critical of your performance or subtly negating others’ offers because they don’t fit with your idea of how a scene should go? Are you often on the sidelines letting impulses fade because you aren’t sure that your idea fits what is happening on stage? Is fear still keeping you from accessing your creative flow? This workshop is designed to look at the sources of our fear and to explore tools to help us leave our inner critic behind to allow us to truly play on stage.


Be With Me

Duration: 5 hours
Times: Wednesday All Day
Level: Advanced
Participants: 12
Price: 70€

How often are we talking at one another rather than having an experience together on stage, shying away from moments of true connection in fear that the moment may stray into uncomfortable territory? Intimacy can be found in the touch of a hand, the familiarity of two shoulders touching, or the rhythm of a slow exhale. These subtle signals of connection relax the improviser, ground our scenes in truth and invite the audience in to witness our most human moments. This workshop explores what creates intimacy and relationship onstage and off, helps solidify our personal boundaries, and provides tools to create connection and intimacy onstage.

Format: Montage of scenes, each initiated with two players in an intimate pose.

*This workshop culminates in a mixer team performance