BIG SI Teacher

Jeremie Day-Glider

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Jeremie Day-Glider worked in film and television in Hollywood and taught art and theatre to high school students. Since moving to Barcelona in 2010 and joining BIG, she has studied with Improv Olympic, UCB, and many amazing teachers. She has briefly studied clown and acting and has performed at festivals around Europe. After joining the BIG cast in 2012, Jeremie has been teaching with BIG SI since 2015.

Improv Training For Actors

In addition to BIG School of Improv Courses, Jeremie also teaches the following single session workshops.

The I In Team

By trusting and celebrating our teammates’ ideas, we free ourselves to participate fully as performers in mind, body, and spirit, toward a common goal of a positive, unified performance. This is the “I” in Improv and in Team. This 3 hour workshop will strengthen your creative team play and solidify confidence in your innate abilities as an improviser. We will work on focus, listening, and agreement while supporting and creating strong ideas together through character, emotion, physicality, and relationships.

Level: Beginner and Intermediate


Testimonials From Past Students

Thank you,it was amazing to take an Impro course and I will take the next level , can’t wait!
— Isaac C.
Jeremie was awesome. My teammates were awesome! I really enjoyed the experience.
— Steven M.
Jeremie has boundless enthusiasm for improv that is quite contagious! Her approach was very inclusive and non judgmental - and it was this last aspect that I have a tendency for... I constantly judge myself and others and this workshop highlighted the problem with this approach - which tends to stifle spontaneity and joy. We had plenty of good games which supported Jeremie’s workshop theme. Enjoyable!
— Mike B.