Jason Geary



Jason has been a professional improviser for over 20 years; in that time he has performed and taught workshops all around the world, from Australia through Asia, the USA, Canada, to the stages of Europe. Jason is a founding member and former Artistic Director of Impro Melbourne. His format ‘How About This?’ has been adopted and played internationally. Jason has been teaching Comedy Improvisation for 16 years to both newcomers and experienced improvisers alike, and is renowned for bringing the best out of his students no matter their experience and skill level.


Monologues That Matter

 3 hours
Times: Wednesday Morning
Level: General
Participants: 12
Price: 43€

This workshop is an exploration of character based monologues. It illustrates how to allow yourself and your partner the time to perform monologues that matter, are relevant, and have impact for your character and story. Over the three hours the participants will work on creation of character and exploration of metaphor and simile and how this is a gift for the improviser. They will learn to tap into truthful moments to ground character and learn to jump into rants that define the character as they speak. This workshop aims to give the improviser tools to take to the stage. Throughout the workshop these skills are used in a series of small group exercises. Then in the last hour we will have a Masterclass element where participants will get to perform for and watch others. 


The Artist and The Craft

 5 hours
Times: Saturday All Day
Level: Intermediate
Participants: 16
Price: 65€

This workshops aims to help improvisers look at the craft and challenges them to find new ways to use ideas, structures or formats that they have written off or dismissed. Encouraging people to look at the tools they use and how they use them to create differently.
I have found this workshop challenges participants to critically think about the craft of improv and how to find a way of engaging old skills with new technique. This is a fantastic workshop for intermediate improvisers who are ready to get creative and dive into the realm of format creation. It provides a method creating a format that has creative substance at its core rather than imitation.


How 'Bout This

 4 hours
Time: Wednesday & Thursday Afternoons
Level: Intermediate
Participants: 12
Price: 54€

This is a format and workshop designed to stop improvisers being ‘polite’ and accepting offers that don’t inspire. As improvisers we are obliged to ‘make our partner look good’ and good improvisers will do that in a heartbeat. I wanted to create a format that would give ideas permission to fly or fail in a incredibly supportive environment and not have improvisers step out onto stage into uninspired scenes. The workshop supports the idea of happy failure.
The format requires the cast to pitch ideas onstage to the other improvisors. If the other improvisors are inspired by the idea then they step forward and begin a scene. If they are not inspired by the pitched offer they do not move. If the pitch is not accepted the person who issued the pitch is met by rapturous applause from the audience. (This is rehearsed in the setup of the format.) This format results in every scene beginning with focus and certainty because the offer inspires people to move into the scene.

* This workshop culminates in mixer team performance on Thursday night