These workshops can be taken by improvisers with at least 2 years experience who have experience performing on stage

The Artist and The Craft

This workshops aims to help improvisers look at the craft and challenges them to find new ways to use ideas, structures or formats that they have written off or dismissed. Encouraging people to look at the tools they use and how they use them to create differently.
I have found this workshop challenges participants to critically think about the craft of improv and how to find a way of engaging old skills with new technique. This is a fantastic workshop for intermediate improvisers who are ready to get creative and dive into the realm of format creation. It provides a method creating a format that has creative substance at its core rather than imitation

Duration: 5 hours    Times: Saturday All Day    Participants: 16    Price: 65€


How 'Bout This

This is a format and workshop designed to stop improvisers being ‘polite’ and accepting offers that don’t inspire. As improvisers we are obliged to ‘make our partner look good’ and good improvisers will do that in a heartbeat. I wanted to create a format that would give ideas permission to fly or fail in a incredibly supportive environment and not have improvisers step out onto stage into uninspired scenes. The workshop supports the idea of happy failure.
The format requires the cast to pitch ideas onstage to the other improvisers. If the other improvisers are inspired by the idea then they step forward and begin a scene. If they are not inspired by the pitched offer they do not move. If the pitch is not accepted the person who issued the pitch is met by rapturous applause from the audience. (This is rehearsed in the setup of the format.) This format results in every scene beginning with focus and certainty because the offer inspires people to move into the scene.

Duration: 4 hours    Time: Wednesday & Thursday Afternoons    Participants: 12    Price: 54€
* This workshop culminates in mixer team performance on Thursday night.


School of Fish

What if we could play like a school of fish ? They’re so connected, so seamlessly entwined, it’s impossible to know who moved first, all changing direction in unison. How does a group play effortlessly towards a common creation? With this organic group work, you will forget about our own egos and enjoy the process of group creativity. Adding more physicality, trusting your bodies before words, you can create massive and impressive living images on stage and make these images grow and evolve without anticipating. With the help of Viewpoints from Ann Bogart, the Del Close's guideline “One mind, many bodies” and some stage work principles from LightboX, you will act like a school of fish and organically discover the next step of your scene, exploring variations of energy, rhythm and space. 

Duration: 6 hours   Times: Wednesday & Thursday Mornings   Participants: 16   Price: 76€


Inspired by the Sun

The sun has a strong influence in our everyday life. Our actions, our mood are directly connected to it. The lights around us give us energy and rythm to our lives. In the "LightboX" show, a very unique and innovative format created by Franck BuzZ , performers let themselves be inspired by the lights around them, like we all do with the sun everyday.
Understand how lights can become your partner on stage and open new possibilities for stage work (with or without lights). Create powerful images, give and take focus, be connected without eye-contact, play the obvious, play with more simplicity, trust relationships and emotions before words. Inspired by the LightboX format, you will play in several lighting and video atmospheres to enter in a new universe of fantasy and poetry. A unique experience and guaranteed fun!!

Duration: 7 hours    Times: Friday PM & Saturday All Day    Participants: 12    Price: 87€
* This workshop culminates in mixer team performance on Satuday night


Women Who Run with the Wolves

Workshop inspired by the book with the same title, by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, about women, for women (and those who identify as women) only. The Wild Woman is a part of each and every one of us. You can find her in stories, myths, fairy tales since the beginning of humankind. That's the spirit full of power, creativity, joy and instincts. Our times are confusing and unbalanced. Let's take a step back and work through female archetypes on what we show on stage today. How do we use our powers, and do we REALLY use them in improv? Get inspired by the stories, and connect to our primal wildness to create truthful female characters and let's not be afraid of power, love, anger, revenge, compassion, and other energies, that we hold back too often.

Duration: 3 hours    Times: Friday Morning    Participants: 12    Price: 43€


The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Batman and Joker. Simba and Scar. Good character. Bad character. We judge so easily, don’t we? But can we be 100% sure? Geralt of Rivia. Tyler Durden. Robin Hood. What makes someone good? Bad? What is the worst thing you did in life? And best? Why did do you it? Nobody is just good or bad. Let’s not take the easy way, don’t make our characters shallow. This workshop is for you to take your roles for serious, and make them full of truth, instead of stereotypes. So the audience could feel the flaws of heroes and reasons of villains. So we could leave the audience with questions, that they have to answer to themselves, and so they have something to talk about on their way home. Workshop based on film directing. 

Duration: 5 hours    Times: Thursday All Day    Maximum Participants: 16    Price: 65€


Bonnie and Clyde

You and your partner. In crime. In story. In improv. No matter how many people play in a show, the base is the two person scene. That's perfect to tell all the stories in the world, with different dynamics between two characters. Through love. Hate. Secrets. Duties. Shrek and Donkey. Arya and the Hound. Jules and Vincent. Claire and Frank Underwood. Rick and Morty. Let's explore the most popular dynamics between two characters. Let's take specific examples from popular movies, deconstruct them and make stage tools out of them. Workshop based on film directing and screenwriting.

Duration: 2 hours    Times: Wednesday Afternoon    Participants: 12    Price: 32€
* This workshop culminates in mixer team performance on Wednesday night


Le Noir

In our ultra-connected lives with screens all around us, I want to offer a class that is ultra-connected to ourselves. This workshop is about how to use our 5 senses to make the story work. Based on a show where the audience is blindfolded to hear the story. Specific objectives of this workshop include living the workshop as an experience for each improviser where each sense becomes differentand influences your way of playing. Feel & React instead of Say&Reflect

Duration: 2 hours    Times: Wednesday Afternoon    Participants: 12    Price: 32€
* This workshop culminates in mixer team performance on Wednesday night


How to Turn Your Group into a Family

On stage we are one; a whole. Off stage, after a show, everyone reflects and reacts differently. This workshop focuses on giving honest feedback to each other after a show or during practice. It is something that a lot of groups struggle with, or find trivial. This workshop is about creating an open workspace where fears and thoughts can be shared and about two-way communication. We will run through specific exercises that you can take home to your groups to enhance the connection you have to one another.

Duration: 2 hours   Times: Saturday Afternoon    Participants: 16    Price: 32€


True Story

There's always that extra spark when we talk about what really happened to us. It's that spark that I love investigating. Let's play with true stories. Let's play with the combination of an authentic storyteller, and the playfulness of improvisation. Let's inspire the audience with a game of truth or dare. This workshop reveals different reflective formats to offer a variety of perspectives on stories. Come with the curiosity of an unwritten first page of your new novel

Duration: 2 hours    Times: Friday Afternoon    Participants: 12    Price: 32€
* This workshop culminates in mixer team performance on Friday night


Sound Effects and Noisy People

The stories, the emotions, and the relations can be created by words. They can also be created without them. But between speaking and keeping the scene silent, isn't there a world? This is a workshop about supporting your acting using sounds. Realistic sounds, crazy sounds, annoying sounds, but the most important: your own sounds! Through different techniques and exercises, we will work on layering the imaginary world around you with sound effects to make it deeper. This workshop will also focus on re-create a whole environment, from an rainforest to a mountain in the middle of the winter. Leap into the sound world you just created! Unmute your mouth, and let's be noisy!

Duration: 2 hours    Times: Thursday Afternoon    Participants: 12    Price: 33€
* This workshop culminates in mixer team performance on Thursday night


The Tiny Glass Person / La Personita de Vidrio

Based on Gianni Rodari's "Grammatica della Fantasia" chapter where he explains how to create characters based on different elements. In this class we will work the infinite possibilities and combinations of elements, objects, animals, sensations and feelings to achieve stronger and deeper characters.
Basado en el capítulo de "Grammatica della Fantasia" de Gianni Rodari donde explica cómo crear personajes basados en diferentes elementos. En esta clase trabajaremos en las infinitas posibilidades y combinaciones de elementos, objetos, animales, sensaciones y sentimientos para lograr personajes más fuertes y profundos. Culmina en un espectáculo del equipo mezclado bilingüe.

Duration: 3 hours   Times: Friday Morning   Language: Castellano/English   
Participants: 12    Price: 43€
* This workshop culminates in mixer team performance on Friday night


Gramática de la Fantasía

"Los errores son necesarios y hermosos" (Gianni Rodari).  Basado en el libro del pedagogo italiano Gianni Rodari, este taller explora las infinitas posibilidades de la utilización del lenguaje a la hora de improvisar. Analogías, metáforas, asociaciones y demás herramientas para buscar la inspiración en las profundidades de la mente.

Duración: 3 horas    Horario: Sábado Mañana    Nivel: Intermedio
Idioma: Castellano    Participants: 15    Price: 43€