Hailing from Chicago, Gretchen primarily performs at the iO Theater with the Harold Team Devil’s Daughter and The Armando Diaz Experience- which she also produces, along with the Teacher/Student Jam. She has taught workshops for an wide array of groups, including Cambridge Footlights International Touring Company in the U.K. and for the 16th Annual Würzburger Improtheaterfestival. At iO, she currently teaches, coaches, leads workshops, and performs


You are Enough

Duration: 3 hours
Times: Thursday Morning
Level: General
Participants: 16
Price: 43€

Finding the truth of a character within your own personal frame of reference. This workshop demonstrates how your own thoughts/feelings/emotional history always present the most fascinating characters.


Creating a Form in the Moment

Duration: 5 hours
Times: Saturday All Day
Level: Professional
Maximum Participants: 10
Price: 65€

Discovering a new long form in real time, while it is unfolding. Cultivating an understanding of “show moves” as they occur in the moment, how to honor them in a group format; a brief overview of the JTS Brown format will be given as an example.