These workshops can be taken by any improviser


The Naked Improviser / Noha Mousbah

How much of the emotions we show on stage are truly deeply our own, unfolding organically? Can we allow ourselves to reach into our life experiences, and the mistakes we’ve made through the years and let parts be shared with our fellow players and the audience through our authentic reactions? In this workshop, we explore how reactions can be born and developed when we dare to use the feelings we authentically carry within us rather than forcing reactions that the intellect dictates.

Duration: 5 hours    Time: Wednesday All Day Participants: 12    Price: 70€ 


Move Dat Ass! / Anděl Sudik

Never do another talking heads scene. We all have bodies. They are incredible things and yet we spend a lot of time not moving them. Pulling from physical theater, clowning, dance and just plain PLAY, this workshop will explore our body’s relationship to improvisation, our scene partners, and ourselves. We will move, play, and get out of our heads and into our bodies. Great if you love to move, better if you don’t. Come give voice to that thing you live inside all the time. This workshop is highly experiential: dress comfortably and bring water. There will be sweat.

Duration: 2 hours    Time: Saturday Afternoon    Participants: 16    Price: 35€ 


Musical Improv For Beginners / Sacha Hoedemaker

Musical Improv is scary, for everyone. Sacha can help you get over that fear! Step out there and sing an improvised song. Get the confidence to start singing your song and don't be afraid to F*CK it up. This workshops provides handy tools to warm yourself up and get familiar with structuring your song. Find your inner voice and let it out!

Duration: 3 hours    Times: Wednesday Morning    Participants: 12    Price: 45€ 


Face the Fear / Jeremie DayGlider

Do you find yourself overly critical of your performance or subtly negating others’ offers because they don’t fit with your idea of how a scene should go? Are you often on the sidelines letting impulses fade because you aren’t sure that your idea fits what is happening on stage? Is fear still keeping you from accessing your creative flow? This workshop is designed to look at the sources of our fear and to explore tools to help us leave our inner critic behind to allow us to truly play on stage.

Duration: 5 hours  Times: Thursday All Day Participants: 12  Price: 70€


The World’s Hardest Improv Games / Stephen Davidson

The more experienced we get, the harder it is to fail joyfully. This class will include a selection of improv games and warmups both learned and of my own creation, taught in stages from easy to impossible. Newer improvisers will have a delightful time learning new games and being playful, and experienced improvisers will find the challenges they need to experience a little brain meltdown.

Duration: 3 hours    Times: Friday Morning    Participants: 16    Price: 45€


Play Like an Ally / Stephen Davidson

Are you looking to increase diversity in your group, theatre, or improv scene? This workshop will focus on practical steps you can take as a player, teacher, and director to make sure everybody feels welcome. Improv can stagnate without diversity because it becomes predictable; turn on your awareness and let this art form continue to surprise and delight you. This workshop will develop awareness of what players need, and what they’re offering. We’ll play through a balanced warmup designed to make sure everybody starts on the same page, and talk about how (and if) to modify for people who have disabilities or are neuro-diverse. We’ll work on supporting different types of initiations and offers, players with different styles, diverse points of view, stage time, and amplifying less heard voices. We'll talk about how to navigate scenes with potentially problematic behaviour, and steps you can take to ensure your team, school, and community is a safe space.

Duration: 5 hours    Times: Saturday All Day    Participants: 16    Price: 70€


Impro WoW / Martina Pavone

Did you ever find yourself in an uncomfortable situation on the stage? Do you avoid certain topics because you don't know how to deal with them? How do you cope with diplomatic mistakes? Following the aim of ImproWoW's project to promote and empower Improv communities about Diversity & Inclusion, this workshop will focus on practical tools and exercises that focus on making our stories and our characters diverse and inclusive and how to cope on the stage with uncomfortable situations or delicate topics. We will work on stereotypes and cliche, on physical and dramaturgical boundaries and on the "limits" of humor.

Duration: 5 hours    Times: Friday All Day   Participants: 16    Price: 70€


Speak Your Truth / Stephen Thornton

There is a reason why the famous book by Del Close and Charna Halpern is called “Truth in Comedy”. Speaking the truth, more importantly your truth, will never be a false move on stage. When the truth is spoken it allows an audience to care and relate to a character. The truth deepens relationships and in turn the scene. So, what is your truth? How do you find it? More importantly how do you use it.

Duration: 3 hours    Times: Friday Morning    Participants: 12   Price: 45€


Are You Listening? / Stephen Thornton

What exactly are you listening to while you’re onstage? Hopefully, to your partner and what they are saying. But what about the emotions behind your partner's words? Or the way they’re physically holding themselves? The gestures they use to accompany their words? The timbre of their voice, or the physical distance between the two of you? What about the way they are looking at you? …or maybe through you. And don’t forget to listen to the environment, and most importantly, to yourself. Listening is the most important tool of any improviser. Listening is what keeps the mind present, in the moment, and allows a player to follow and explore where the scene wants to go. Not the other way around.What gifts are you being given, intentionally or unintentionally, that you are not picking up on? ….yet.

Duration: 2 hours    Time: Friday Afternoon    Participants: 8    Price: 35€ 


Make Group Scenes Work / Stephen Thornton

If you've ever been in a group scene you know how chaotic they can be. But group scenes are not impossible. There is a way to build group scenes that are colorful and spontaneous. It’s about listening and accepting all offers that appear in the moment, intentionally or unintentionally.

Duration: 5 hours    Times: Thursday All Day    Participants: 16    Price: 70€


Fun Fun Fun! / Maggie Smith

Improv is supposed to be FUN. So often as improvisers, it’s easy to get trapped in our heads. But at the end of the day, improv is just playing pretend and being silly. Through dumb, fun, silly games, this workshop will radiate pure joy and support to its members. We will be focusing on getting out of our heads and following the fun, because as Amy Poehler said, “You can’t look stupid if you’re having fun.” Sample exercises: Character games, physical games, group games, game creation.

Duration: 3 hours    Times: Wednesday or Saturday Morning    Participants: 13    Price: 45€


How To Do Bad Improv / Maggie Smith

This workshop will dive into the idea of what makes "bad" improv bad. Spoiler alert: It's usually a lack of support. We will do exercises and games that lend themselves easily to the idea of "making a mistake" but instead of letting the mistake ruin a scene, we will lean into it and support the hell out of it so that the mistake is no longer a mistake, it's now what was ALWAYS meant to happen. Sample exercises: Justification games, “no but” scenes, purposely trying to do a bad scene, doing a scene with one person not looking.

Duration: 3 hours    Times: Friday Morning   Participants: 13   Price: 45€


Fuck Up! / Menelaos Prokos

Stop being afraid of major blunders on stage. Embrace the utter destruction of any scene and treat all mistakes as gifts. This workshop focuses on two things: 1) How to handle a situation where things are going absolutely horribly wrong in a scene and there seems to be no way whatsoever of saving it. 2) Messing everything up on purpose right from the top of the scene and seeing what comes out of it. Throw yourself and your teammates a massive curve ball, and enjoy the mayhem that comes from it.

Duration: 3 hours    Times: Thursday Morning    Participants: 14    Price: 45€


This is What I Want / Menelaos Prokos

If we kinda want to do it, the audience kinda wants to see it. Why not play passionately and with determination, while at the same time offering the audience a passionate experience? Be part of the life you are creating on stage, rather than feeling the obligation to just go along. Many times we see improvisers on stage being flimsy, unsure of the motives for their character, ending up making choices that don’t really make sense. That is because they do not know what their character actually WANTS! That makes the character seem unnatural, making it hard for the audience (and the players) to connect with what they are witnessing. In this workshop we work on our strongest desires in every moment, both as improvisers as well as the characters we bring to life on stage. We learn to always stand firmly on our feet, knowing what we want and how this will affect all our future choices.

Duration: 3 hours    Times: Saturday Morning    Participants: 14    Price: 45€