These workshops can be taken by any improviser

Monologues That Matter

This workshop is an exploration of character based monologues. It illustrates how to allow yourself and your partner the time to perform monologues that matter, are relevant, and have impact for your character and story. Over the three hours the participants will work on creation of character and exploration of metaphor and simile and how this is a gift for the improviser. They will learn to tap into truthful moments to ground character and learn to jump into rants that define the character as they speak. This workshop aims to give the improviser tools to take to the stage. Throughout the workshop these skills are the used in a series of small group exercises. Then in the last hour we will have a Masterclass element where participants will get to perform for and watch other.

Duration: 3 hours    Times: Wednesday Morning    Participants: 12    Price: 43€ 


Gender Laboratory

Research shows that an average woman speaks approximately 20,000 words a day, while a man speaks only 7000. Since childhood, we are programmed by society to think of gender in a certain way – boys should wear blue and be powerful, while girls should wear pink and be gentle. As we progress in time, we start breaking these patterns. But they are more profound than we think.
In order to break them completely, we must know the history of gender roles and challenge ourselves not to take the beliefs we were raised on for granted. This workshop aims to do exactly that.
We will dive into gender theory and history (shortly) before challenging ourselves to play the opposite sex on stage without judgement. We will then challenge ourselves to play scenes without ANY gender presumptions at all. The laboratory's goal is to make us see the world through different gender glasses.

Duration: 3 hours  Times: Wednesday Morning OR Saturday Morning  Participants: 12  Price: 43€


Nature is Body / Body is Nature

Explore our body as a tool for long form and find the musicality within ourselves and the group to tell the same story. Specific objectives of the class include the exploration of the power of silence in an improv scene shared by the others, the search for the urges of your body to be connected to yourself and your partners in order to tell your story, and musicality as a tool to create your character, your content and your connection with the other.

Duration: 3 hours    Times: Thursday Morning    Participants: 16    Price: 43€


React and Collect

What if we could play with what we consume. What if we would reuse things that we consume in our daily life, and transform it as matter to improvise on and about it. Not just the object, but what's behind the object, what's the story? Specific objectives of the class include storytelling through the magic of lost objects that we can transform thanks to our minds, building decor and characters out of trash and using skills from "Trash Puppets." Participants will collect clean pieces of trash they find in Barcelona and bring them to the workshop.

Duration: 3 hours    Times: Saturday Morning    Participants: 10    Price: 43€


Improv Everywhere

What about looking straight in the eye of our environment? What about doing a workshop in the streets of where we are? Improv Everywhere shows each improviser that Improvisation can be done anywhere as long as you are committed to it. Specific objectives of this workshop include working on what's already there as a group, group work, and becoming one as a group in a specific environment, defining our environment as place to play anywhere, anytime and finding the story where it should be.

Duration: 3 hours    Times: Friday Morning    Participants: 16    Price: 43€


How to Exploit a Clown

Always wondered how clowning techniques can influence you as an improviser, without entering the stage as a clown? Rather than becoming a clown, this workshop is about what can clowning do to enhance your skills in expression, physical movement, working together non-verbally, and also being vulnerable and aware of what is going on with your partner and how you can add to the scene and support them fully.

Duration: 4 hours    Times: Wednesday & Thursday Afternoon    Participants: 10   Price: 54€


Sing Your Song

This workshop is focused on you getting the confidence and skills you need to sing improvised songs during any improv performance. In this workshop, you will learn exercises to warm up and fine tune your singing voice, simple song formats, and how to release the fears so you can sing your song!

Duration: 3 hours    Times: Wednesday OR Friday Morning    Participants: 16    Price: 43€


You are Enough

Finding the truth of a character within your own personal frame of reference. This workshop demonstrates how your own thoughts/feelings/emotional history always present the most fascinating characters.

Duration: 3 hours    Times: Thursday Morning    Participants: 16    Price: 43€


The Big Picture

Symmetry, depth, perspective- all words one might associate with a painting more than an improv performance, yet these elements are what make up our world, and are what the audience see when they watch your show. The images we present to the audience affect how they interpret our work, while the physical choreography informs everything from a character's emotional perspective, to the action of the scene itself. In this workshop, we will explore how the content of each scene can inform its physical presentation and work with levels and body positioning, distance, stage craft and alternative performance spaces to build scenes that are vibrant, multi-dimensional and expressive. Go beyond space work to unlock the beautiful work of art inside your scene.

Duration: 5 hours    Times: Friday All Day    Participants: 14   Price: 65€


Master of Ceremonies

You're the first person the audience sees when they take their seats. You make them feel welcome, prime their hearts and imaginations and start to generate on-stage energy for the actors to step into. The audience finds you delightful, funny or endearing, they trust you, and sit comfortably knowing they are going to be taken care of. This is the natural state of the emcee! In this workshop we'll hone your authentic onstage persona with personalised feedback and equip you with the skills you need to be the most present presenter you can be. From taking suggestions and dealing with the audience to stagecraft, you'll leave this workshop ready to command any stage and welcome any audience.

Duration: 3 hours    Times: Wednesday Morning    Participants: 12    Price: 43€


A French Lesson in Romance

France is well known for the wine, for the baguettes and for the Eiffel Tower. But France is also a country of romance, body language and love! This is a workshop about using our bodies, the distances, our positions to create intimacy. Using physicality and little gestures, fewer words and more eye contact, small touches and beyond everything our heart, we will learn how to create an intimate relationship. Through exercises and scene work, we will learn how to live that relationship fully to show kind, deep and realistic scenes Impro is about life, and what would be life without love?

Duration: 2 hours    Times: Saturday Afternoon    Participants: 12    Price: 32€


Unplug Your Brain

Our brain is a formidable machine to create and imagine, but sometimes it's our own trap, our only barrier. This workshop aims at unplugging our brains, to explore what our bodies have to suggest. We will train not to be heady or too rational, to allow your scenes to be silly, to accept and play the nonsense. Let your bodies surprise yourself and embrace their strong propositions, to just have fun, play like kids, discover new places, characters and relations, to follow the inspiration and your instinct. 

Duration: 2 hours    Times: Thursday Afternoon    Participants: 12    Price: 32€