Cofounder and artistic director of SUBITO, one of the oldest international impro festival in France, professional performer, director and teacher for 15 years, Franck BuzZ enjoys playing free and organic improvisation. Trained by famous clowns and international improv masters, Franck uses his extensive background in physical theatre, clowning, mime and masks to mix the guidelines of Del close and Keith Johnstone with a European theatrical approach. Over the years, he has featured in many impro festivals and taught and performed in 15 countries.


School of Fish

 6 hours
Times: Wednesday & Thursday Mornings
Level: Intermediate
Participants: 16
Price: 76€

What if we could play like a school of fish ? They’re so connected, so seamlessly entwined, it’s impossible to know who moved first, all changing direction in unison. How does a group play effortlessly towards a common creation? With this organic group work, you will forget about our own egos and enjoy the process of group creativity. Adding more physicality, trusting your bodies before words, you can create massive and impressive living images on stage and make these images grow and evolve without anticipating. With the help of Viewpoints from Ann Bogart, the Del Close's guideline “One mind, many bodies” and some stage work principles from LightboX, you will act like a school of fish and organically discover the next step of your scene, exploring variations of energy, rhythm and space. 


Inspired by the Sun

 7 hours
Times: Friday Afternoon & Saturday All Day
Level: Intermediate
Participants: 12
Price: 87€

The sun has a strong influence in our everyday life. Our actions, our mood are directly connected to it. The lights around us give us energy and rythm to our lives. In the "LightboX" show, a very unique and innovative format created by Franck BuzZ , performers let themselves be inspired by the lights around them, like we all do with the sun everyday.
Understand how lights can become your partner on stage and open new possibilities for stage work (with or without lights). Create powerful images, give and take focus, be connected without eye-contact, play the obvious, play with more simplicity, trust relationships and emotions before words. Inspired by the LightboX format, you will play in several lighting and video atmospheres to enter in a new universe of fantasy and poetry. A unique experience and guaranteed fun!!

* This workshop culminates in mixer team performance on Saturday night