Ella Galt



Ella is an Australian actress and improviser who has been studying, performing and teaching theatre for over 12 years. Ella co-runs the BIG School of Improv, where she co-designed a unique curriculum plan to train committed, joyful and well-rounded improvisers. Her improvisation style centres around bold, emotional, committed play and uses the full extent of her theatrical background, implicating the body and voice to create scenes and shows that are dynamic and filled with joyful imagination and play.


The Big Picture

 5 hours
Times: Friday All Day
Level: General
Participants: 14
Price: 65€

Symmetry, depth, perspective- all words one might associate with a painting more than an improv performance, yet these elements are what make up our world, and are what the audience see when they watch your show. The images we present to the audience affect how they interpret our work, while the physical choreography informs everything from a character's emotional perspective, to the action of the scene itself. In this workshop, we will explore how the content of each scene can inform its physical presentation and work with levels and body positioning, distance, stage craft and alternative performance spaces to build scenes that are vibrant, multi-dimensional and expressive. Go beyond space work to unlock the beautiful work of art inside your scene.


Master of Ceremonies

 3 hours
Times: Wednesday Morning
Level: General
Participants: 12
Price: 43€

You're the first person the audience sees when they take their seats. You make them feel welcome, prime their hearts and imaginations and start to generate on-stage energy for the actors to step into. The audience finds you delightful, funny or endearing, they trust you, and sit comfortably knowing they are going to be taken care of. This is the natural state of the emcee! In this workshop we'll hone your authentic onstage persona with personalized feedback and equip you with the skills you need to be the most present presenter you can be. From taking suggestions and dealing with the audience to stagecraft, you'll leave this workshop ready to command any stage and welcome any audience.