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Ella Galt


Ella was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia where she developed a love of performing from a very young age. After studying theatre and voice throughout high school, she went on to earn a B.A. in Theatre Studies at Monash University. Her performance experience ranges from improvised and musical theatre to theatre in education, singing, short film, commercial work and dance. Since joining BIG in 2012 she has trained with some of the most renowned improv teachers and coaches in the world and has studied and performed in festivals around Europe. Now in Barcelona, and with 10 years experience teaching theatre, Ella teaches students of all levels, emboldening beginners and experienced improvisers alike to produce rich, vibrant and committed improv.

Since joining BIG in 2012 she has trained with some of the most renowned improv teachers and coaches in the world and has studied and performed in festivals around Europe.


Performer: BIG IF (Barcelona), Mt. Olymprov (Athens), Improtheaterfestival Würzburg (Würzburg)

Improv Training For Actors

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Be Present

The greatest gift you can give your scene partner is to be present. (Ha! Get it?) This 3 hour work shop will bring out the most confident, audible, invested and present version of yourself. We will work on voice, projection, physicality, stage picture and energy as they relate to being present on stage, or in a scene. The aim is to shed the fear until all that is left is beautiful shining you! Good for nervous people.

Leap and the net etc.

An improv scene is made up of a series of decisions, one after the other. Do you want to go or stay where you are? Will you save the day or turn to the dark side? Do you fall in love or betray the other? Is your character delighted or terrified by what they see? Oftentimes we find ourselves at the precipice of these decisions frozen and waiting for guidance. Afraid to make the wrong call we wait, we negotiate, we back down. In this workshop we will hone your ability to leap without fear into the unknown, and reveal that the right path is the one you take with gusto!

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If you're struggling with a mind full of choices, overwhelmed by a bunch of improv rules and wondering what the next 'right move' is, it's time to relax and emote! This workshop gives you the tools to react instantaneously to any offer with a grounded and committed emotional performance. High stakes and emotional importance are the lifeblood of any scene, and once you know how you feel, the scene unravels before you. Let go and emote!

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Symmetry, depth, perspective- all words one might associate more with a painting than an improv performance, yet this is what the audience sees when they watch your show. In this workshop, we will explore how the content of each scene can inform its presentation. We will work with levels, body positioning, stage craft and alternative performance spaces to build scenes that are vibrant, multi-dimensional and expressive. Go beyond space work to unlock the beautiful stage picture inside your scene.


Testimonials From Past Students

Ella’s ability to always challenge the image of how an Improv scene should be makes me eager to explore new ways and I’m always so impressed by how good she is at giving individual feedback and attention and at the same time being relevant to the group. Her teaching and feedback is giving me what I need to become a better improviser.
— Emil Lundgren, Sweden
Ella is the one of the best improvisers and teachers I have ever met. It was a pleasure to participate in a 8-week journey into self, behaviour, true emotions and authenticity. She helped us to automatise our behaviour and become more natural. Ella is a wonderful, warm, competent, open and wise person. You will be lucky to have classes with her.
— Emilia Szydłowska, Poland
Without a doubt one of my favorite impro teachers. Ella has a natural gift to make you feel comfortable during a class no matter how serious and difficult the subject may be. She has a lot of attention for the personal development of each student and, above all, fun and laughter is guaranteed!
— Ruud den Rooijen, Netherlands