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BIG IF 6 invites you to make mistakes and love it.

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How boring would it be if there were a perfect method to living life or performing improv? This year, The BIG IF embraces the inevitable slip ups that add spice to the human experience. Ignoring our mistakes and living in fear of them is stifling. When we acknowledge our gaffes, play with them, use them as springboards to grow and improve, relish in happy accidents, and love the joy of the unexpected, improv comes to life!

Join us for a festival of flow, surprise, wonder, and wackiness, of lessons learned and rules ignored.

BIG IF 6, Let’s f*#k it up!

This November, improvisers from around the world descend on Barcelona for 4 nights of unscripted comedy and theatre. Audiences will see a wide variety of improv styles and be wowed by an array of amazing international teams. Come be a part of the worldwide community of improvisers as you watch, participate, and learn.