- 16 shows - 40 workshops - 4 days - 1 city -

Improviser applications

Apply with your group or as an individual performer and receive:

  • 10€ off each workshop tuition fee
  • Free tickets to all BIG IF shows (valued at 30€)
  • A performance slot in a mixer team (as available)
  • Free admission to all BIG IF 5 social events
  • Over 25% off at Generator hostel
  • Free walking tours of Barcelona
  • Discounted bike rental next to the hostel
  • The best weather in Europe
  • A BIG IF 5 T-Shirt (Fair Trade, Organic Cotton, made in Europe)
  • More, more, more! Keep checking the website for updates on performer perks!

Team applications close May 27th, individual applications close October 1st

The theme of BIG IF 5 is NATURE.

Awareness of our environment, the system we are born into and grow within, shapes us as we shape it. All living creatures have an innate sense of how to be, but humans create art to interpret our nature, to reflect on it, and to explore its meaning. In our shows and workshops, we hope to explore the themes of Nature and how they relate to improv.