Anděl Sudik is a veteran of the Chicago sketch and improv community. She produced countless successful and well-received two-person shows as Arch&Anděl and lived in Amsterdam for two years where she wrote and performed in Boom Chicago’s Mainstage. She is a L.A. and Chicago based teacher, director and actor. (Faculty member of the Second City Training Center programs; A-E, Conservatory, Advanced and teen and youth program. Past improv teams include Baby Wants Candy, the Deltones, Obits, Armando, Ipmrov All Stars etc.

Anděl’s deep well of performance experience and success makes her perspective unique as a director and teacher. Her hands on, in depth work within the disciplines of long form improvisation, short form, sketch and theater make her a thoroughly well-rounded and open minded conduit for art, creation, polish and playfulness.


But Thinking Makes It So

Duration: 2 hours
Times: Friday afternoon
Level: Intermediate
Participants: 11
Price: 35€

With the idea that nothing's either good or bad but thinking makes it so, each improviser will be assigned "Good" or "Bad" by the audience. The "Good" improvisers will do their best to do "Good" improv the "Bad" will do their best to break the show.

* This workshop culminates in a mixer team performance


Let’s Get It Wrong

Duration: 3 hours
Times: Saturday Morning
Level: Advanced
Participants: 16
Price: 45€

In golf, if you are slicing your ball or constantly falling in one direction, a popular technique to correct this error is to do it worse. The error becomes conscious, deliberate and controlled instead of unconscious and is far easier to correct. When we start improvising we get a roadmap (rules) that set us in the right direction. In the first part of this workshop, we will pool our collective knowledge and break all the “rules.” In the second half, we’ll get more personal and exorcise our own improv demons (You know, those notes you keep getting). By the end we will have reconnected to our own personal improv values and had a shitload of fun fucking it all up.


Using You

Duration: 10 hours
Times: Wednesday & Thursday all day
Level: Professional
Participants: 12
Price: 130€

Whether or not we mean to, we are always bringing all of ourselves into the rooms we play in. This workshop focuses on three aspects of yourself-Your Personal Genius, Your Perceived Flaws and Your Improv Kryptonite. In an environment of support we will explore how you can be more intentional about bringing yourself into the room and using your unique gifts. That thing you hate about yourself? It's your greatest gift. Your Hidden Knowledge? Adds specificity, joy and POV to your improvisation without even having to try. We face your fears straight on, fail hard and succeed even harder. It’s a fun supportive environment to test and push your limits.

Move Dat Ass!

Duration: 2 hours
Times: Saturday Afternoon
Level: General
Participants: 16
Price: 35€

Never do another talking heads scene. We all have bodies. They are incredible things and yet we spend a lot of time not moving them. Pulling from physical theater, clowning, dance and just plain PLAY, this workshop will explore our body’s relationship to improvisation, our scene partners, and ourselves. We will move, play, and get out of our heads and into our bodies. Great if you love to move, better if you don’t. Come give voice to that thing you live inside all the time. This workshop is highly experiential: dress comfortably and bring water. There will be sweat.