These workshops can be taken by improvisers with 4+ years experience, who rehearse and perform regularly

Slower/ Menelaos Prokos

This is an adaptation of the duo format, The Bench, created with Billy Kissa. Initially, it is a format based on strong relationships, slow progression, and the story that is built between two people sitting on a bench. The steps that two people go through when building their relationship (regardless of the nature of it), the mistakes they make, their choices to approach the other or distance themselves. The focus will still be on two people, but the support of the other members will be an addition to that, plus it will be created in such a way that there can co-exist more than one pair of main characters. During the workshop we will work on slow, emotional improv, where we pay attention to every single detail happening around and between us.

Duration: 2 hours    Times: Saturday Afternoon   Participants: 8    Price: 35€


Let’s Get It Wrong / Anděl Sudik

In golf, if you are slicing your ball or constantly falling in one direction, a popular technique to correct this error is to do it worse. The error becomes conscious, deliberate and controlled instead of unconscious and is far easier to correct. When we start improvising we get a roadmap (rules) that set us in the right direction. In the first part of this workshop, we will pool our collective knowledge and break all the “rules.” In the second half, we’ll get more personal and exorcise our own improv demons (You know, those notes you keep getting). By the end we will have reconnected to our own personal improv values and had a shitload of fun fucking it all up.

Duration: 3 hours    Times: Saturday Morning   Participants: 16    Price: 45€


Rhyme and Rhythm / Sacha Hoedemaker

So you think you can sing? I think so too, but now it's time for the next step. Use your voice to create lyrics that are interesting and funny. Besides lyrics, we will be spending time on what melody can do for you to help you sing your story. A musical exploration of musical improvisation, expanding your Rhyme and Rhythm in your lyrics.

Duration: 3 hours    Times: Thursday or Friday Morning   Participants: 12    Price: 45€


Be With Me / Jeremie DayGlider

How often do we stand onstage and talk at one another rather than having an experience together? Or, we shy away from moments of connection and sharing, because we are afraid that the moment might go too far into areas where we might be uncomfortable. This workshop explores what creates intimacy and relationship onstage and off, helps us solidify our personal boundaries, and provides tools to create connection and intimacy onstage. Format: A montage of scenes, each initiated with an intimate physical pose by two players, e.g. one person seated leaning their head back against the person standing behind them.

Duration: 5 hours    Times: Wednesday All Day    Participants: 12    Price: 70€
*This workshop culminates in a mixer team performance


Characters You’re Not Allowed to Play / Stephen Davidson

Part of the joy of improv is the freedom to play any character, but we sometimes shy away from characters who are very different from ourselves. Choosing a character from a different cultural background, a different race, a different gender, or who has a disability can feel very uncomfortable for some people. We're scared of causing offence, of getting it wrong, of misrepresenting a viewpoint or experience that is not our own. If we never try, though, we miss out on a rich pool of characters, and we might never see some of these lives onstage. Worse, we let our fear dictate our art. This workshop focuses on strategies for playing any character in an honest and heartfelt way, and on broadening our own knowledge of different human experiences.

Duration: 5 hours    Times: Wednesday All Day    Participants: 16    Price: 70€


Being an A$$hole / Menelaos Prokos

Supporting your teammate can come in a lot of different shapes and forms. What if one of them was by making their life (or your own) hell on earth? Learn how to get super-inspired and have new levels of fun on stage through torturing yourself or your partner. Always while respecting and taking care of yourself and others. Learn how to be playful about it and you'll have the audience rolling on the floor laughing.

Duration: 3 hours    Times: Friday Morning    Participants: 16    Price: 45€


Why So Obvious? / Noha Mousbah

Let’s let our bodies and our subconscious surprise us. Let’s listen to what our body movements want to tell us and the links that our subconscious makes and can express, if we let it. During this workshop, we will playfully work on letting our bodies and words speak freely, going beyond concrete scenes and into the abstract. By allowing our bodies to lead us through meanings only it can feel, we can reach places which concrete moments on their own could not take us to. Just like a musical melody, abstraction allows each one of us to make their own interpretations, creating a room filled with personal reactions, by people all experiencing the same collective moment. The melody of the abstract can leave us laughing, feeling touched or keep our mind wondering over the meaning, similar to when we see a dance or a painting. Let us play and together delve into the abstract.

Duration: 5 hours    Times: Thursday All Day    Participants: 12    Price: 70€