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Barcelona Connect calls us “a unique evening of comedy entertainment” :

Improvisation In Barcelona

Barcelona. Saturday night. Madness reigns as two fearless inventors, poised at the edge of a skyscraper hotel attempt to put their flying invention to the test. But don’t panic. Yes, it is Saturday night, and yes it is Barcelona, but this is just another scene being played out by the Barcelona Improvisation Group. ‘This town ain’t B.I.G enough for these kind of scenes…’

The B.I.G perform each month at Teatre de l’Enjolit on Carrer del Portal Nou (Metro Arc de Triumf) and with the past two shows being packed out, it is advisable to get there early to ensure yourself a seat. Scenes are completely unscripted and, through offering suggestions, the audience are essentially in the driving seat. The way the show develops through collective spirit adds to the excitement of the evening, and makes it a unique evening of comedy entertainment. The group hold free workshops every Sunday with a foundations workshop every other week. This is run by Noah Levin, and is aimed at those who have little or no experience and simply want to learn the ropes. The workshop is carefully constructed on this basis, with all the games taken at a slower pace, and with concise explanations of the techniques required to survive on stage.

B.I.G has never been stronger, with committed members consistently attending the workshops, eager to develop themselves as strong improvisational performers. The current success of the group is credit to the four organisers, who focus on key skills which are crucial to acting without a net. These organisers have different experiences of the art form, from university studies to performing with professional groups in New York. This collaboration of knowledge guarantees that fresh material is always brought to the table, and the sessions offer a variety of games, styles and approaches. If you are interested in watching a show you can find all the details on Facebook:  ‘Barcelona Improv Group (B.I.G)’ or if you want to attend the workshops ‘Barcelona Improv Group Workshops’

For our longform shows:

Barcelona Connect reviewed our second longform show here.

“Upon my arrival I had no idea what to expect. It turned out that I was not alone in that respect because neither did the cast! “Tonight, we will build our own Universe; this will be unique theatrical experience that everyone in this room will be part of.” This was the opening line; there really was no need for further introductions! The characters jumped in to action (literally, in some cases!) and evolved into, everything from Italian super heroes, magic foxes, tortured poets to ABBA fanatics! The atmosphere was warm, inviting and interactive and I felt instantly as if I was part of something very special indeed. Without doubt, the Barcelona Improv Group is a MUST SEE collective.”

For our workshops and Jams:

Barcelona Miniguide reviewed us here, putting us in the same paragraph as Stephen Colbert and Tina Fey – I bet they’re pleased!

For our classes:

Quotes from students of the Foundations of Improv Class, Oct-Dec ’12:

“I was well guided and encouraged along the way. The end of
class show was a great way to end the course and put into practice
what we had learnt.”

“I really enjoyed the course, and am delighted I took part.
Was very hesitant and nervous in the beginning and seemed to be the
only person who didn’t know others, but the teacher and group were so
encouraging and inclusive that it quickly became a really fun and
engaging experience.”

“I really enjoyed the course and really enjoyed the
performance at the end, even if my heart was in my mouth for most of
it. It was a great bunch of girls to work with and I do hope to
continue in some way. Thanks!!”

… And our first Great BIG Weekend

…was reviewed in BCN Connect here.

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