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Winter 2017

BIG has welcomed many amazing improv teachers over the years, Jeff Griggs, Andrew Berkowitz, Will Luera, Heather and Joe, Jill Bernard, and so many others throughout the regular season and during the BIG IF.

From time to time, BIG SI will offer workshops from visiting teachers and our own BIG instructors.

This page will be updated as more information is added


April 22nd & 23rd (Sat & Sun) – Improv Workshops with Project 2

Teachers: Chris Mead, Jonathan Monkhouse, and Katy Schutte

Description: Renowned London-based Sci-Fi improv powerhouse Project 2 is coming to Barcelona! Project2’s improv is character-led, truthful and faithful to their inspirations. The weekend of April 22-23 will feature two workshops and a performance with Barcelona Improv Group. Each workshop will have 3 teachers and a maximum of 20 participants.


April 22nd, 14:00-17:00

HUMANS (students must have completed at least 1 BIG SI course)

Character work playing in the world of ordinary/extraordinary; where elves, robots, mermaids, lamps, dogs and Cheetos can all have a point of view. We’ll help you find ways of keeping emotional depth, honest reactions and relatability in play, no matter what the circumstances.

April 23rd, 14:00-17:00

SPACE (open to all levels)

Exploring imaginative theatrical staging, scene painting, physicality and object work, using big settings and small to help describe the spaces you create and how they can inform the characters that play within them.

Location for both workshops: Teatre l’Enjolit, C/Portal Nou 30

Price: 30€ for one workshop, 50€ for both (10% discount for current BIG School of Improv students)

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About the Teachers:

Katy Schutte is one of the UK’s top improvised comedy performers and teachers. She tours shows and classes around Europe and the US as well as teaching for Hoopla and The Maydays in the UK. Katy trained at Second City and iO Chicago, among other places. She has been one of the Maydays for 12 years and is a Funny Women finalist and winner of the Brighton Festival Fringe Best Comedy Show award.

Jonathan Monkhouse has been improvising in the UK and USA since 2009, working with the figureheads of the growing British improv scene. He has performed in dozens of improv comedy venues including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and all around London. He is a performer with Project 2 and Who Ya Gonna Call? – The Ghostbusters Musical

Chris Mead has studied with Second City, The Annoyance and iO in Chicago, as well as teachers from Baby Wants Candy, UCB, and The Hideout Theatre. He has performed as part of many improv teams in addition to Project 2 as well as making guest appearances with Grand Theft Impro, Hoopla, and Baby Wants Candy, and The Maydays. Chris also co-writes, performs and produces cult Doctor Who comedy podcast The Ood Cast.



February 18 (Sat) – Maximizing The Moment

Teacher: Kayleigh Cassidy

Description: Maximizing the Moment is a workshop which focuses on making the most out of the improviser. It offers tools and tricks to enhance your presence in any moment on and off stage. How can you be fully in the scene if your mind is wondering else where? How can you listen with your eyes when your planning your dinner? It is a fun and dynamic class with exercises to encourage improvisers to animate their space, create environment and enjoy existing in it.


Location: Teatre l’Enjolit, C/Portal Nou 30

Time: 14:00-17:00

Price: 25€ (10% discount for current BIG School of Improv students)

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April 9 (Sat) – Be Present (SOLD OUT)


Teacher: Ella Galt

Description: The greatest gift you can give your scene partner is to be present. (Ha! Get it?) This 3 hour work shop will bring out the most confident, audible, invested and present version of yourself. We will work on voice, projection, physicality, stage picture and energy as they relate to being present on stage, or in a scene. The aim is to shed the fear until all that is left is beautiful shining you! Beginner – Intermediate. Good for nervous people.

Location: Teatre l’Enjolit, C/Portal Nou 30

Time: 14:00-17:00

Price: 25€

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April 24 (Sun) –  If It Makes You Happy (SOLD OUT)

JIll Bernard Photo

Teacher: Jill Bernard

Description: Too often improv feels like a chore, filled with right decisions and good and bad choices. In this session with Jill Bernard, participants will learn the joy and success that follows doing exactly what tickles them. Please wear closed toed shoes to this workshop.

Jill Benard was one of the favorites from BIG IF 3, selling out all of her workshops weeks before the festival. She is here one day only, so don’t wait to reserve your space in this workshop!

Location: Teatre l’Enjolit, C/Portal Nou 30

Time: 14:00-17:00

Price: 35€

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May 14 and 15 (Sat & Sun) – Motion Theater 

Nina-Wise_by-Irene-Young_croppedTeacher: Nina Wise

Description: An original form of autobiographical improvisation, simultaneously performance art and a refreshingly authentic spiritual practice. Created by award-winning Bay Area performer Nina Wise, Motion has been described by both participants and audiences as funny, moving, liberating and transformational. Motion is playful, mindful self-expression where you’re likely to experience a freer more spontaneous you. Learn more at

Please wear comfortable clothes to move around in.

Please note that there are two workshops with two different levels.

Saturday May 14th (Intensive)

Motion Theater for Actors and Improvisers.

Only open to students who have taken at least 2 improv courses.

Location: Passatge Tainos, C/Parlament 35

Time: 14:00-17:00

Price: 35€

Book here for Saturday

Sunday May 15th (Fun and Free)

Open to students of all backgrounds and experiences. The focus will be on fun, movement, and freedom of expression.

Location: Passatge Tainos, C/Parlament 35

Time: 10:00-17:00

Price: 70€

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May 29 (Sun) – The I in Team 

IMG_9104Teacher: Jeremie Day Glider

Description: By trusting and celebrating our teammates’ ideas, we free ourselves to participate fully as performers in mind, body, and spirit, toward a common goal of a positive, unified performance. This is the “I” in Improv and in Team. This 3 hour workshop will strengthen your creative team play and solidify confidence in your innate abilities as an improviser. We will work on focus, listening, and agreement while supporting and creating strong ideas together through character, emotion, physicality, and relationships.

Level: Beginner and Intermediate

Location: Teatre l’Enjolit, C/Portal Nou 30

Time: 14:00-17:00

Price: 25€

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Jun 11 (Sat) – Acting for the Improviser

Teacher: Evan Schweitzer

Description: Want to dive deeper into your character? Want to have deeper, richer experiences on stage? In Acting for Improv, you’ll get just that. Over the course of the workshop we’ll work on creating grounded and well-rounded characters for your improv scenes. No matter how outlandish the situation may be, it’s creating a strong character platform that helps propel scenes forward.

Location: Teatre l’Enjolit, C/Portal Nou 30

Time: 14:00-17:00

Price: 25€

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