It’s ALIVE! Science Fiction Meets Real Science on the Improv Comedy Stage!

April 2, 20170 Comments

The invention of the wheel, the discovery of gravity, the splitting of the atom, and now…


Barcelona Improv Group will team up with London’s Project 2 to analyze, catalyze, vaporize, and improvise. Project 2 brings their award winning Science Fiction improv- whether they fly into space, engineer mutants, or doom us with artificial intelligence, their adventure will be based on YOUR suggestion!
Then Barcelona Improv Group will present some science fact – inviting a real, live scientist to tell us about their amazing breakthroughs that will inspire a series of improv comedy scenes. Then, we will mix nitro and glycerin, blowing you away with the combined power of these two teams performing together to close the night!
Saturday April 22nd
Tinta Roja, C/Creu dels Molers 17 (metro Poble Sec)
Doors open 20:30, show starts at 21:00
Tickets: 10 euros
Image Design: Silvia Behar,
Photo of BIG: Fernando Bagué,
Photo of Project 2: Mark Dawson,
Photo of Noah: Alessio Carone,
Image of Project 2: Jon Monkhouse,

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