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About Barcelona Improv Group

Barcelona Improv Group was founded in January 2011 as an outgrowth of the New English Theatre Society of Barcelona. Starting small, with informal workshops and shows, BIG coalesced into a community of artists, students, a curious onlookers.  In 2012, BIG’s free weekly workshops had attracted over 100 unique participants and monthly performances entertained over 500 audience members.  BIG continues to offer free workshops, and now offers intensive classes, weekend retreats, improv jams, and corporate training sessions, as well as public and private performances by our international team.

Our company strives to give people an outlet to express themselves, work collaboratively with others, let out their creative and funny sides, and to cut loose from their professional lives and play. We have built (and are continuing to build) a network of performers and participants, in a space where they can all work together, build trust, and make friends.

Now in our 3rd full season, Barcelona Improv Group has delighted hundreds of comedy fans with completely improvised madness.  With classes churning out the next generation of improvisers, Barcelona will continue to have a BIG improv comedy scene for years to come!

What is Improv?

Improv (short for “Improvised Theater”) is an unscripted form of theater where actors compose theatre as it is performed.  Characters, dialogue, and story are created spontaneously through a collaborative effort of the performers.  Unlike traditional theatre, where the same piece is practiced, repeated, and honed over time, actors prepare for an improv performance by fine tuning skills of listening, agreement, and (most importantly) courage.



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