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August 11, 20170 Comments

Hello Improv Students,

We are putting the finishing touches on the upcoming Fall 2017 term and will be releasing the new courses and sign ups very soon. However, we can tell you about a couple of exciting changes to our curriculum as well as the dates and times of courses this Autumn.

Goodbye Levels! 

We started the BIG School of Improv with just one course, Foundations of Improv. Then added a second course for those graduates, and a third course, and so on advancing students on a track. We realized that the improv landscape should be open to explore based on what interests you.

Our new curriculum model uses open tiers. Once you complete Foundations of Improvisation, you have access to three new courses that will help you to develop character, scenework, and stage presence through a mix of short form and longform play. After completing any two of those courses, you can access a wide variety of long and short form improv courses at intermediate and advanced levels.

Go Farther with your Improv
Sometimes it’s hard to squeeze all of the new skills and practice into 8 weeks. We’ve received feedback from many students that they would prefer a longer course with more time to improvise. Starting Fall 2017, courses will now be 10 weeks long, giving teachers and students more time to dig deeper into skills, give and receive personal feedback on progress, and feel ready and confident for shows.


Save The Dates

Courses will start the week of September 19th and run through November. The graduation shows will be the 2nd-3rd of December at Tinta Roja.
For new students
Foundations of Improvisation, with Jeremie, on Wednesdays
For students who have taken 1-2 courses already
Scene: Tell the Story, with Noah, on Wednesdays
Character: Be Somebody!, with Jeremie, on Tuesdays
For students who have taken at least 3 courses
Improv Acting, with Ella, on Tuesdays (scenework focus)
ImproMatch, with Noah, on Thursdays (short form focus)
And here’s how the whole curriculum will look moving forward…
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