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Improv for Business?

Most people don’t think that the creative arts can have any beneficial impact on the business environment. Driven by deadlines, products, meetings, clients, and sales, art seems like a waste of time. But improv is different, and it has to do with the most essential quality of a successful business: communication. The skills of improv- listening authentically, reacting in the moment, creating collaboratively, trusting your partners- these are the skills that allow a business to work most effectively. Products function as they were built to, but your employees, your team, have the capacity to improve their communication and increase effectiveness. Through our program, any company can enhance their internal dynamics, create a more functional environment, and help individuals work creatively and confidently.

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About Barcelona Improv Group

Barcelona Improv Group was founded in January 2011 as a place for English speakers to meet and join in small, informal workshops. When we started to perform monthly shows with our actors, BIG coalesced into a community of artists, students, and curious onlookers. Now, BIG’s free weekly workshops have attracted over 300 unique participants and our 10 public performances each year are attracting up to 140 audience members per show. We’ve also launched a successful international improv festival called the BIG IF, which is now a yearly venture. BIG continues to offer free workshops, and now offers intensive classes in improvisation, weekend retreats, improv jams, and corporate training sessions, as well as public and private performances by our international team.

Our company strives to give people an outlet to express themselves, work collaboratively with others, let out their creative and funny sides, and to cut loose from their professional lives and play. We have built (and are continuing to build) a network of performers and participants, in a space where they can all work together, build trust, and make friends.

Our improv instructors have many years of experience in performing, but also in teaching improvisation to native and non-native speakers of English, and are skilled at lowering inhibitions, making participants feel welcome and valued, and most of all in making sure that everyone has fun!

What is Improv?

Improv (short for “Improvised Theater”) is an unscripted form of theater where actors compose theatre as it is performed. Characters, dialogue, and story are created spontaneously through a collaborative effort of the performers. Unlike traditional theatre, where the same piece is practiced, repeated, and honed over time, actors prepare for an improv performance by fine tuning skills of listening, agreement, courage, and building on the ideas of others, rather than feeling pressure to constantly invent.

Goals of BIG Improv Workshops

  • Work effectively as a team
  • Learn Collaborative Idea Generation – agreement, incorporation, and improvement
  • Build trust among members of the company
  • Listen unselfishly to the ideas of others
  • Tune your thoughts, words, and body to be creative
  • Trust your unconscious
  • Develop your ability to think on your feet
  • Gain confidence speaking and presenting in front of others

Tailored for you

Based on consultation with our facilitators, we can create a workshop to address your team’s specific needs.

Trust Building and Teamwork, focusing on building a safe environment to express oneself, nurturing the ideas of others, and releasing vulnerability.

Agreement and Acceptance, focusing on learning to listen to and accept the ideas, reasoning, and emotional investment of others.

Creativity, focusing on Collaborative Idea Generation, reduction of ego, and methods of developing, supporting, and executing mutually beneficial goals.

Barrier-Breaking Games, focusing on fun and expression and playing freely to connect with others. Great for newly-formed teams, or staff and managers who don’t know each other well.

Listening, beyond just processing the words, allow yourself to be affected by what others communicate to you.

Public Speaking / Presentations, loosen up, stay in control, and present yourself with confidence and calm.

Sharing Focus, every member of your team was hired because of the unique qualities they give to the team. Let everyone be heard.

Scenario Practice, role play work environment simulations and renew your perspective.

Themes can be combined, adjusted, and added to based on your objectives.

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Options for your Company

The following options are examples to show you the range of options available to you. All of them are customizable to suit your company’s needs and timetable. We have many workshop instructors available, so the following options can be expanded to suit the number of participants

Workshops – Bring a facilitator in from 2 hours to a full day, guiding your team through exercises in any of the above themes (or more) to address your goals. Groups as small as 6 or as large as 100 can be accommodated.

Improv Show – watch a 90 minute improvised comedy show from a team of BIG performers, with games and jokes geared towards your company. We’ll involve your team in the show for an unpredictable night of fun.

Great BIG Weekend – in an out-of city location (beach or countryside) for a full weekend of workshops with time to relax between activities, improvised cooking and evening barbecue. Past Great BIG Weekends have had participants arriving Friday evening for a casual orientation, a full day of activities (fun and insightful) on Satruday, and a half day on Sunday, allowing participants to return to Barcelona in the late afternoon.


Prices vary according to the number of workshops and teachers you require and do not include the costs procuring a venue for your activities, as these vary greatly depending on need. We are flexible and can adjust to the needs of any sized company, so please inquire and tell us your company’s situation.

To book an Improv for Business Workshop with Barcelona Improv Group or to learn more, please email bookings@barcelonaimprovgroup.com or call +34.675.06.76.77. BIG looks forward to showing your company what improvisation can do for you!


Barcelona Improv Group does not and will not carry any liability for injury, damage, or death incurred during events and participants assume full responsibility for their health and safety. Injuries and disabilities must be disclosed in advance of any event. Participation is at one’s own risk.

All sales are final. Cancellations and rescheduling must be done a minimum of 7 days before an event to receive a refund and may not include rentals or planning time. Cancellations or rescheduling the week of an event result in a forfeiture of 50% of fees paid. No-shows will not be refunded.


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