Improv Jams

Get stuck in!

Get stuck in!


Next jam will be 29th April at Teatre de l’Enjolit! (c/Portal Nou 30 – map)

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What is an improv jam?

A chance to get together with friends, have some fun, and practice some improv. Jams are all about the games, just playing and having fun – no lessons, no notes, no skill exercises. Come put into practice what you’ve learned in the workshops. In each jam session we will warm up, learn a couple of games, and then PLAY. You will have the opportunity to play games on stage with any improviser you choose. We provide the stage, the lights, and the MC- then, you’re the star.  Think of it like an open mic night, but with improvised comedy games, so you don’t even have to prepare anything.

Come play with old friends, make new friends, and have some drinks. Yeah, that’s right, we can drink at this one. Come out and have some fun with BIG.

Admission is 5 euros and includes a drink.

No pressure to perform or participate, just have fun.


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Can’t make it on time?

If you can’t make it for the beginning, please don’t worry! Late arrivals are not even slightly frowned upon. Sure, you may miss some games, but you can still play and watch everyone else all night long.


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