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Join our workshops every week!

BIG was founded on the idea that everyone can express themselves and everyone can join in. For that reason, we hold weekly workshops, open to EVERYONE. If you like Improv, if you like our shows, and even if you’ve never tried it before, everyone is welcome to come along and join our workshops.

For information about the upcoming workshops, visit our Facebook group here.

If you’re new to Barcelona, it’s a great place to meet like-minded English speakers. If you’re nervous, you can just play the warm up games with us.

Meet us every Sunday at Teatre L’Enjòlit, c/Portal Nou 30 in the Born district of Barcelona. From 5pm to 7pm, Sunday evenings. If there is a time change or cancellation, we will post it on the Facebook group.

While the workshops are free to attend, we ask for a donation of 5€ or any amount you wish towards the cost of the workshop and the space. No one keeps track of who is donating, and if you come to every session and never drop a coin in, we won’t mind… (as long as you come support us at the shows!)

If you don’t have Facebook or are looking for further information, then please contact us here. Up to date workshop information will also be posted in the calendar on the right.

We also teach private workshops for schools and businesses. Learn more here.




Worried about your level of English?
Fewer than half of the people who join our workshops are native speakers of English. The rest of the workshoppers and students are from Spain, Poland, Finland, Venezuela, Morocco, the Netherlands, Hungary, Italy and more, who do not speak English as their first language. If you are reading this now, you’re more than fluent enough to take part and have fun. Why not turn up to one session and decide for yourself?


Participation in Barcelona Improv Group (“BIG”) classes and workshops is completely voluntary. Although injury is highly unlikely, your participation is at your own risk. BIG is not responsible for any injuries sustained during activities. It is the participant’s responsibility to inform the instructor of any medical conditions and to withdraw from or refrain from participating in any activities that he or she feels will present a physical risk to the participant or others. Participants in workshops and classes agree to respect the physical boundaries of fellow classmates and to avoid engaging in aggressive activities or maneuvers that could expose yourself or other participants to physical injury.

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