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Barcelona Improv Group was founded in January 2011 by a couple of avid improvisers with no one to play with. They were Charming Englishmen Dan Ryan and Matt Watson Jones,  friends who had met through a stand up comedy group. BIG grew out of the remains of a pre-existing Improv group, run by Matt Kemp under the banner of N.E.T.S. (the New English Theatre Society). When Matt Kemp had to give up leadership due to the growing success of his band, Three Colours Red, there was a POWER VACUUM, and sod all happened ’til Matt WJ got back from traipsing around Japan to kick things back into life.

Together with Loud Canadian Stephanie Figueira, BIG pootled around in bars, persuading people to come along and make fools of themselves. A good time was had by the attendees, who would then get drunk (a tradition that still continues to this day).

While gradually building towards putting on a show, two fast-talking Americans named Noah Levin and Isaac Simon rocked up with big plans and no local know-how. The brains united in October 2011 (a messy process that scarred us all), and BIG started getting its act together (hoho), finding its rehearsal space at Teatre L’Enjòlit.

Now in our 6th full season, Barcelona Improv Group has delighted thousands of comedy fans with completely improvised madness.  Our international improv festival is now the largest in Europe, attracting master teachers and professional teams from over 30 countries. BIG is also committed to sharing improv with as many people as we can giving private shows and workshops for schools and businesses.

Our company strives to give people an outlet to express themselves in our workshops; a way to be creative and funny with little experience, and to cut loose from their professional lives and act like children for a couple of hours a week. We have built (and are continuing to build) a network of performers and crazy people, in a space where they can all work together and make new friends. With classes churning out the next generation of improvisers, Barcelona will continue to have a BIG improv comedy scene for years to come!


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